Renowned Top Orthodontist In Kensington and Hounslow To Offer Free* Consultation At London Clinics

Over 33,000 beautiful smiles have been created by these skilled orthodontists in London. The latest techniques of orthodontics are available to treat all kinds of teeth alignment issues.

A growing number of adults are choosing to visit an orthodontist to correct misalignment in their teeth teeth and jaw. The importance of selecting a top orthodontist to guide them through the orthodontic process is critical. Many wrongly choose to simply use a dentist, which is the equivelent of being treated by a GP for a skin condition rather than going directly to see a dermatologist, who is especially trained to treat skin issues. It’s the same with orthodontists who are specialist dentists in teeth straightening and smile design. The private orthodontists at The Ken Clinic with clinics in Kensington and Hounslow in London are particularly recognized for their experience and skills as over 1,200 dentists refer their patients to them. Adult braces, teeth straightening and smile design is available for patients who are ready to improve their smiles through orthodontic techniques.

Various state-of-the-art methods and products are available when adults determine that they want to take steps to improve their dental profile. Adult braces are designed to do the necessary tooth alignment without unsightly braces. Traditional metal braces can cause issues in the work place or in social situation. For these patients, the selection of invisible braces such as Invisalign and hidden lingual braces like Incognito means that it is almost impossible to tell that the teeth are being realigned.

For adults, it helps that the orthodontic processes are completed in as little as four months (for very mild cases). At The Ken Clinic, they are experts at producing amazing results fast. Several different types of braces and aligners are available from which to choose. The age of the patient is not important. Teeth can be straightened even in the fifth decade of life.

The effects of orthodontic treatments on the budget is an important component of the decision about whether or not to proceed with the care. The clinics offer budget-friendly plans with interest-free financing, easy payments and student discounts. Patients are assured of excellence in service, care and expertise. The appointment times are set to suit the patient's convenience at The Ken Clinic. Appointment times include early morning, evening and Saturday hours. There are no high pressure sales tactics applied when patients are considering whether to begin treatment. You can always trust the orthodontists in The Ken Clinic.

Contact them today to see if you qualify for their free* consultation.

*Unlike other orthodontists or dentists, at The Ken Clinic only a consultation deposit applies, rather than a fee, which is fully refunded when a patient chooses to go ahead with treatment.

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