Renown Day Spa Launches New Website

Boca Raton-based spa unveils a brand new website to kickstart the year, courtesy of CAE Marketing & Consulting.

Skin Apeel kickstarted their 2019 with a brand new modernized website, designed by the folks over at CAE Marketing & Consulting. It’s a move that looks to further strengthen the company’s reputation as a world-class day spa that offers exceptional treatments and a range of products. There will be a new shopping cart feature that lets clients from all over the country purchase the best skin care products, along with an innovative and contemporary design.

The new website will also look to provide a more user-friendly and immersive experience for all customers and clients. As the world continues to evolve in this digital age, the need for responsive and modern sites is greater now than ever before.

A Reputation For Quality

Skin Apeel has been around since 1992, starting out as a day spa that catered to the more affluent Boca Raton community. They’ve become a company with a considerable reputation for quality; winning numerous awards during their time in Florida. The spa currently holds Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence and the award for Best Skin Treatment - both of which have been won five years in a row.

They have various other awards to their name as well, including LNE & Spa’s Reader’s Choice award, along with the title of Best Holistic Spa in South Florida. It’s a brand that continues to improve, and the hope is that this new website will ensure that things keep on growing.

A Move Into E-Commerce

A significant aspect of the revamped web design was the inclusion of a shopping cart feature. It’s a significant step as it shows the business is moving ever so slightly into the e-commerce domain. Modern consumers are constantly buying products online, and it’s become a trend in the spa industry especially. Clients enjoy their treatment at the spa, then go away and want to bring the experience to their homes.

With a shopping cart, Skin Apeel hopes to provide this type of experience for all clients that might not get a chance to visit the holistic spa for a long time.

The Next Steps For Skin Apeel

Now that the brand new website is up and running, Skin Apeel is looking to focus on their Google presence. Search engine optimization is a hot topic among most businesses throughout the country. By working with CAE Marketing & Consulting, the famous Boca Raton day spa aims to rank for many more keywords on Google. They currently rank for over 400 keywords, over 100 of which can be found on Page 1 of the search results.

If you would like more information on Skin Apeel or would like to make any press inquiries, then please contact Kim Knapp. Emails should be sent to, and phone calls must be directed to (561) 852-8081. Any postal queries can be forwarded to the following address: 21301 Powerline Road, Suite 215 Boca Raton, FL 33433. You can view the brand new Skin Apeel website here:

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