Launches New Craigslist Automated Posting Software For Sellers Everywhere

Renew Robots is a new software that allows Craigslist sellers to automatically renew posts, with a new YouTube video dedicated to explaining how the software works.

Craigslist is a hugely popular online classifieds site that now covers the entirety of America and even countries around the world. The site was created for individuals to sell on their second hand goods to others in their local area, using the power of the internet to provide a truly community orientated service. Ads of all kinds can be found on the site, from goods and services to personals and more. However savvy marketers and business people have long understood the power of Craigslist with the only drawback being the amount of time it takes to make multiple listing required to truly scale a business. Renew Robot is new software designed to help businesses and entrepreneurs to scale the opportunity on Craigslist with the help of an automated tool.

Corey Bornmann, the software designer, has used Craigslist to drive customers to a small storefront in the heart of Amish country from three different cities, allowing him to compete with major nationwide franchises. This is all thanks to craigslist ad posting software he developed to keep track of his posting and automate relisting without the agonizing grind of manually taking care of every facet of the listing. There is more about the software on their FAQ page at:

In a new YouTube video he describes how the software works, how it can enable businesses to find greater success within their region and how craigslist posting software offers an amazing return on investment by freeing up huge chunks of time to use more productively on aggressive expansion.

A spokesperson for explained, “Corey has come up not only an industry leading strategy that most major businesses are still asleep to, but has also perfected a tool that enables him to maximize the effectiveness of that strategy. He is now making both the strategy and the tool available to all Craigslist users, whether small-time entrepreneurs or multinational businesses, through this software. It offers an amazing opportunity for people to transform their business success in a way they might not yet have thought of, and for far less than the price of a typical advertising campaign.”

About Renew Robots:
Renew Robot Pro is new software created by Corey Bornmann to help individuals relist classified ads on the popular site Craigslist without having to do so manually. The software is fully customizable and enables users to manage their accounts and listings without having to get bogged down in the particulars.

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