Renee Jones, Weight Loss Counselor, Featured on Influencers Radio

Renée Jones, Weight Loss Counselor, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show. She discussed how she helps people overcome emotional triggers that inhibit the ability to lose weight and maintain that weight loss.

Jones is an ordained minister with a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling and a Clinical Residency in Pastoral Care. She was also a chronic dieter, engaging in the same battle many others face – the inability to maintain weight loss after trying countless weight loss strategies – until she cracked the code for herself.

She has identified emotional triggers that will drive people to eat what she calls “comfort foods” to make them feel better.

According to Jones, “At a young age, our mothers would give us a pacifier when we were upset. As we get older, perhaps we are given certain foods when we have a problem. We get in the habit of when something is bothering us, we put something in our mouths. And it could be a cigarette, a drink or food of any sort – perhaps sweet or salty. And even more often, it’s something that we learned to depend on as a child.”

Continuing to do this takes a toll on the body, especially as someone gets older. Jones finds that if the emotional triggers can be identified, changes can be made to deal with those triggers in a way that would not involve food. “We don’t have to stuff our feelings and follow it with a food chaser,” she said.

The other issue is how to deal with getting to a goal weight. Typically, weight is regained after attaining the goal weight or size. Jones has a different way of thinking about setting a goal.

She shares, “The idea of a goal is that there’s a finish line. When you reach the finish line, it’s done. So you go back to whatever you were doing before. And that’s the problem. We should think about it as when you get there, you want to stay there – like moving across the country. You don’t keep going back to L.A. if you live in New York.

We all have emotional triggers and trigger foods when we are trying to get our needs met through food. Instead of facing our stuff, we stuff our faces. Until we deal with what’s behind that and what’s pushing that behavior, then it’s very hard to maintain. Disarm those triggers, and you’ve cracked it.”

Rewards also come into play when a goal is met. Jones remembered a quote that said that the reward is the act of having done it. The new body is the reward. Being able to buy new clothes in the smaller size is the reward, and feeling healthy is the reward. Food does not have to be a reward.

Many helpful strategies are shared in this interview which will be enlightening to the listeners as to how to maintain any weight loss they may attain.

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