Relax Anytime, Anywhere with AirLounger— The Mobile Inflatable Sofa

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Live on Kickstarter, AirLounger is the mobile inflatable sofa from Japan that lets people relax anywhere.

AirLounger, the revolutionary new inflatable sofa that allows users to relax anywhere, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

In today’s fast-paced life, the greatest luxury can often be a quick relaxation break. For most people on-the-go, whether at the office or even a shared public space; finding a place to rest their head can be difficult. The AirLounger inflatable sofa is on a mission to give busy people some much needed R&R.

“As many know, a normal assembled bed is heavy and takes a long time to build. We experienced those problems. So we were thinking about how we could make a bed using natural air. It makes it easier and fun; as well as more ergonomic on on the body. That is why we created this project,” says company representative Ryo Shimamura.

The AirLounger takes an innovative new approach to inflating. When outdoors, users simply open the air vent of the AirLounger and lift it up. They then swing lightly to the side and take a few steps, collecting air and inflating the AirLounger. Afterwards they roll the opening up and click the belt and the sofa is ready to lounge. Indoors, they can inflate it by inserting a special fan plate into the pocket above the air vent, holding the lower belt with one foot, finally rolling the air vent and closing the belt till it clicks. The AirLounger can also be inflated by injecting air from the nozzle with a dedicated pump. When finished, simply undo the belt and it will deflate.

The AirLounger is manufactured using the same durable material parachutes are constructed of. The back of the AirLounger is made of mesh, giving it excellent breathability even in the middle of summer. The size when inflated is 190cm x 80cm x 50cm (approximately 6’3" x 2′7” x 1′7" ft), but it only weighs about 1000 grams (2lbs) including the bag. It is convenient to carry around, and it doesn't get in the way at home or on-the-go. Because the AirLounger is so small and compact, users can take it anywhere they like to relax— from the office to the beach.

The AirLounger has been meticulously designed to provide the ultimate in ergonomics. It has an S-curvature surface to go along with the human body. It can withstand up to about 150 kg (330lbs), so two people can lay on it and relax at the same time. It also makes a great outdoor sofa for BBQs or camping.

“The AirLounger is able to inflate within 5-10 seconds quickly & easily, and deflates just as easily because the air vent is quite large,” adds Shimamura. “We want to provide a space and time that will heal people both physically and mentally, even when we are going through busy times and a global pandemic! We genuinely hope the AirLounger will help people.”

AirLounger is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:


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