Launched in Response to Surging Relationship Failures

Addressing the numerous issues couples face helps tear down roadblocks and pave the way for stronger relationships, publishes

While approximately half of marriages end in divorce, an estimated 85 percent of relationships never reach the marital stage according to a conglomeration of studies in this field. In some instances, these types of dissolution are the result of mutual sentiments, yet the majority are reported to be one-sided decisions. With this in mind, spokesperson Will Scott has launched a new website deemed

Said Scott, "Plenty of broken relationships leave at least one of the people involved hoping to get back together. Though the willingness to resolve their issues may the there, few truly understand where exactly to begin. That overwhelmed feeling could be considered the main reason things don't work out between two people who once loved each other. For those ladies wondering How to make him fall in love with me again, we provide a number of techniques that have been effective for many."

Among those options offered by is the magic of making up review. Created by army veteran and husband of almost 20 years, T.W. Jackson, also known as "T Dub", the program provides insight into relationships for both genders. T Dub suggests beginning with a self evaluation before proceeding to assessing a broken relationship. These points are followed by advice on regenerating the chemistry responsible for initially bringing a couple together.

Another aspect emphasized by the website creators is focusing on internal elements one can control rather than external factors solely dependent on the other party. Methods involved in this phase of the process allow a person to concentrate on his or her own flaws instead of those of a partner. Through this ideal, self improvement aids in building stronger, more fulfilling situations for everyone involved.

Concluded Scott, "Relationships fail for a number of different reasons, and not all programs or techniques work for everyone. We help connect viewers to the various programs others have found most helpful in healing damaged relationships. At the same time, we address numerous other concerns on the minds of our readers, such as keeping romance alive on a long-term basis, improving communication skills and coping with cheating. Despite the strongest resolves and best efforts of couples, some relationships just aren't meant to be, so we also extend advice on picking up the pieces and moving on after a breakup."


Focusing on the numerous challenges modern relationships face, the staff of strives to help couples grow stronger, resolve their issues or move forward following a breakup. They provide tips and answers to typical questions while connecting viewers with programs generating considerable success for others.

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