Refulls launches ‘Caviar Night Renewal Serum’, a South Korean Caviar-based Cosmetics

Refulls used caviar from sturgeons raised in Jiri Mountain, Hamyang-gun, for more than 8 years. Jiri Mountain is a clean area of Korea, and Hamyang Sturgeon Aquafarm Co., Ltd are farming sturgeons using the mountain water rich in Germanium.

Caviar has a structure that is similar to human skin cells, and it also has lots of functional components such as Selenium or palmitic acid. This was the reason why it has incredible anti-aging and immune support problems, making it a popular health product in Russia. Caviar is extremely rich in arginine, which also gives it the nickname ‘potion of youth’.

Refulls has signed a contract with Hamyang Sturgeon Aquafarm Co., Ltd and developed a way to extract functional components by mixing caviar with Hohoba oil and centrifuging it.

Refulls revealed that it will launch caviar night renewal serum (20ml) made from caviar and ginseng extracts for the first time on the 20th. This serum boasts the absorbance of a high-functioning serum, where all active ingredients are absorbed into the skin. The caviar extract keeps the skin weakly acidic, making the skin healthier.

Refulls spokesperson said “Refulls, meaning that it will re-fill a women’s skin, launched the new caviar night renewal serum after selecting the best materials possible”. The person added that “innerrium feminine cleanser also has many high quality ingredients such as caviar extract, rice bran fermentation extract and ginseng extract, which helps improve feminine problems and maintains a healthy uterus.” According to this person, the feminine cleanser’s caviar extract restores the natural beauty of the uterus.

One should apply the renewal serum after using a toner first. Gently spread it on the skin and left it absorb.

The company advised renewal serum for the following people: those that are worried about uneven skin tone; those with sensitive skin and lots of skin problems; those worried about wrinkles; and those that need a systematic nutrient system for the skin.

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