Redwood Code Academy Launches a Coding Bootcamp Over a 12-Week Period

Individuals who take part in one of these coding bootcamps will find they can become a professional software developer in just 12 weeks, announces

Much has been made about the future of low-code and no-code development, thus many individuals feel coding is a trend that will soon pass. Nothing is further from the truth, as coding is actually more of a continuum. Any person can learn to code, often with no professional training, yet there will continue to be a need for individuals with specialized skills and formal training. These people will be the ones to create tools that eliminate the need for basic coding and those who have more experience to solve problems that arise. Individuals who wish to gain this experience find they benefit from taking part in coding bootcamps, such as those offered by Redwood Code Academy (

"Infoworld reports Javascript will write itself in the future, thus coding will be of less importance. However, coding will be needed to tell Javascript how to write this code, thus individuals should never assume the time they spend learning coding will be wasted. One benefit of people learning this skill on their own is they will realize how hard it truly is to master the knowledge. As a result, they will be more than willing to turn to individuals skilled in coding to handle the task. Our coding bootcamp teaches these skills," Harrison Spain, founder of Redwood Code Academy, explains.

Individuals find the full stack immersion development coding camp teaches them to be a professional software developer in only 12 weeks. Students need not have any experience or technical background to take part in the camp, as everything they need to know is covered. This camp covers everything from the fundamentals to industry must-haves, things an individual might not pick up on their own when learning to code by themselves.

"In addition to learning the fundamentals, students gain an understanding of the product life cycle of software projects. Projects of this type are never complete, thus students need to be aware of the building cycles to better manage the expectations of owners. This is only one of many topics covered during the coding bootcamp, with others being front end development, back end development and agile software development," Spain continues.

Certain individuals find they are more interested in learning about web development. Redwood Code Academy offers training in this area also, and students discover they can finish the program in only ten weeks. Many of the same topics found in the coding bootcamp will be discussed in the web development training, and other subject areas will also be addressed.

"Our programs allow students to take part in labs, network with others in the industry and learn more about modern technologies. For more information, visit our site and download a free info packet or request a syllabus. We are here to be of assistance in any way we can. Contact us to learn more today and move forward in this ever growing field in less time than you may have imagined," Spain declares.

About Redwood Code Academy:

The creation of Harrison Spain and Billy Pruden, Redwood Code Academy teaches the fundamentals of full stack software development in a three month immersive course. Students learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, .NET, C# and SQL at the inspirational campus located in Orange County. This location provides the space, inspiration, technology and accommodations students need to focus on what they need to know to be the best developer possible.

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