Redline Garage Gear Unveils New Website

New website announced by Redline Garage giving man cave designers plenty of storage options

Much media talk in recent years has been made about men's need of an escape cave to get away to, but these days, the man cave has taken on more significance. Also called manchuaries and manlands, mancaves have taken over spare spots in the attic, basements and most often the garage. According to a recent survey conducted by, 40% of American homes already have man caves and 13% plan on putting one in soon. This news came as no surprise to to Troy Greenberg, owner of Redline Garage Gear.

Says Greenberg, "With the number of garage renovations going on across the country and men converting their garages into man caves, their stuff has to go somewhere." Says Greenberg. With this in mind, Redline Garage Gear is proud to unveil its newest website Greenberg says this new website will offer plenty of storage options for the man cave designer or simply the homeowner who wants to organize his garage. Says Greenberg, "No two garages are alike, and no two garage owners are alike. You may want great storage to eliminate clutter while someone else may be looking for an efficient work space or handy gardening center. Your garage space can be almost anything you want it to be. Now, you have garage cabinet choices when you're decorating your garage."

The new website offers two lines of garage cabinets, according to Greenberg. "We offer the Silver Bullet garage cabinets which are built-to-order cabinets and the Redline Garagegear cabinets which are custom-built cabinets and storage solutions. The key to our solutions is they are made for the garage. When you are renovating your garage, be it for a man cave or whatever, be sure to select a system designed for the garage. Be aware that many of the wood storage systems available were originally intended for closets, not your garage."

Greenberg continues, explaining why it's important to buy specially made shelving for the garage. "You want durability for years of use. The environment in your garage is very different from the environment inside your home. Temperature extremes, humidity, heavy use, and occasional exposure to the outdoor elements make it essential that the storage solution you select is built to handle anything that gets thrown at it. High quality materials, hardware and handles are essential."

About is made up of RedLine Garagegear and Silver Bullet Garage Cabinets, both subsidiaries of Greenberg Casework Company. Formed in 1985, Greenberg Casework Company still considers themselves a small company specializing in supplying custom cabinetry, casework and store fixtures to the business and building industries. They pride themselves on attention to detail, quality workmanship, and keeping the customer's needs first and foremost.

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