Red vacuum storage bags

Red vacuum storage bags

Today we will introduce a practical product for you. Red vacuum storage bags

After reading our introduction, I believe you will agree with the value of this product.

Friends, you must have a kind of distress that you had a lot of clutters at home, but do not know how to organize or storage. For example, the summer arrived, the winter quilt needs to put away, long-term will not use, the quilt volume is so big and took up a lot of space, make the cabinet at random. Compare to out-of-season clothes, other sundries that will only be used once or twice a year will not be used for a long time. When all this pile up to a point, perhaps you may start to feel really annoyed. Because of this distress, storage bags or compression bags have become essential items at home.

The most common ones we use are transparent vacuum bags, usually with pumps, made of PA+PE. It is much stronger than ordinary plastic bags, but most of the time it only lasts 1-2 years. If we use it frequently, it may break down in less than six months. This kind of compression bag is broken, usually in two cases, one is the bag is broken, the other is no compression effect. The former may be caused by a careless cut into a sharp object, while the latter is due to the fact that such compression bags are generally not designed in a scientific way. Such compression bag usually has only a simple zipper and a simple valve suction device, which has a certain compression effect but does not maintain a long time seal. In addition, for the convenience of this kind of compression bag, the design of the bag is usually not large, and a bag can only hold one quilt or a few clothes.

The annoyance we mention in the third paragraph is difficult to solve with ordinary vacuum compression bags.

As for the is one we're going to introduce today—Red bag vacuum storage bag. It is 38x28 inches. quilts, blankets, clothes, and bedding can all fit in. Save space, store stuff, all you need is this bag-type vacuum bag. You can put in all the annoying space-taking objects. You may be aware, there are two keywords to this product: "storage" and "vacuum". These two keywords imply the characteristics of this product. Especially the tightness.

Two special designs help tight:
①Air seal zipper. The bag seal zipper has a patent, which is specially designed to improve the tightness of the compression bag.
②Triple seal three-way valve design. This scientific design, combined with a vacuum pump and seal zipper, not only makes it easier for you to use but also keeps the airtight effect for a long time. The two designs have solved the poor sealing function of ordinary products.

For the problem of service life, we use a special material, 40D nylon composite material. Make the product durable, can withstand the wind and rain, long - term use. It also keeps the contents damp and odorous. This is also not the case with ordinary compression bags.

Warm reminder: You need to follow the steps to use this product, which will help you get started more quickly. First, pack your clothes; Second, zip-up; The third sucks out the air; Fourth, close the valve. Four steps to complete a tidy. May you have a cleaner home.

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