Reconnect Your Ex Publishes Two New Guides to Common Breakup-Related Topics

Teaching readers how to recover from painful breakups and reconnect by identifying and resolving past difficulties, guides add to rapidly growing collection of resources, Reconnect Your Ex reports

Reconnect Your Ex, a popular relationship advice site, published two major new guides in response to reader demand. Tackling a pair of the most common breakup-related topics, the exclusive, free new guides are available now at the Reconnect Your Ex website. The first guide details six proven, practical strategies for how to get over a breakup and is a resource that is already earning praise from readers for its usefulness. The second guide details the three most common reasons women and men give for ending a relationship and how knowledge of these can be used for getting back together with an ex.

"Breakups are always hard, but there are good, effective ways of easing the pain," Reconnect Your Ex representative Dan Zachary said, "In addition, taking a strategic look at the real reasons for a breakup can be a great way of rebuilding old ties. Commissioned in response to requests from our fans, our two new guides look at each of these subjects in depth, delivering lots of practical, helpful advice that readers will benefit from."

Just about every person alive today will experience the pain of a difficult breakup at one time or another. A recent study published in the academic journal Social Psychology and Personality Science looked at ways of minimizing that heartache, tracking over 200 volunteers through their own romantic victories and woes.

The study's authors found that the most effective way of all of getting over the pain of a breakup was to analyze the event in objective, dispassionate ways, seeking out the underlying causes and taking responsibility for what happened, where merited. The new Reconnect Your Ex guide to getting over breakups takes this tactic a step farther, giving readers a head start on their healing processes by fleshing out this strategy and five other, equally powerful and proven ones.

The second new Reconnect Your Ex guide targets the recently broken-up who have gotten back on their feet and are looking to entice a former partner to give things another go. As with the other just-published guide, it includes a range of specific, targeted advice that can be put to practical use in just about any situation. It emphasizes, for example, that clear, dispassionate analysis of the kind used to recover from a breakup can be just as useful for opening new doors for rapprochement.

With a strong and growing collection of such valuable relationship-related resources on offer, readers of Reconnect Your Ex can count on finding plenty of helpful, useful advice. Reconnect Your Ex also provides in-depth, unbiased reviews of popular relationship products like the ex recovery system, further enhancing the site's value to readers.

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