Recently Launched X-Ranker 360 Creates Buzz, As Premium Guide & Walk-Thru Released By eMarketingChamps

Recently launched X-Ranker 360 creates buzz in web marketing review circles, as premium bonus package released by eMarketingChamps. expanded audience network leads to higher Q3 spends & returns for Facebook advertisers.

The recently launched X-Ranker 360 is creating buzz in web marketing review circles due to its claim of helping marketers land page 1 rankings. The launch of X-Ranker 360 is well-timed to capitalize the findings of a new report showing Facebook's increase Quarter 3 spending.

Hanif Quentino, founder of eMarketing Champs, has released a complete review and premium bonus for the X-Ranker 360 software, which can be viewed on his site:

Hanif considers himself as a legitimate X-Ranker 360 review critic, mainly because of his extensive experience with search engine optimization and user engagement methods. Hanif recommends that XRanker 360 users take advantage of Facebooks advanced advertising platform.

In a recent report by Nanigans, a social ad automation company, Facebook has seen a huge increase in both YoY ad spend as well as Return on Ad Spend. The report indicates a 249% increase in ad spend. Meanwhile, the average ROAS also went up by 26% compared to the same period last year. This large and rapid increase was fueled by Facebook’s expanded Audience Network. In the second quarter of 2016, the social media behemoth started allowing brands to promote to non-Facebook users. In addition, video ads were introduced to the Audience Network back in May 2016. This didn’t only expanded the ad types available on Facebook, but it also became one of the most successful ones on the platform.

It’s also interesting to note the 4% increase in off-Facebook audience ad spend. This suggests that more advertisers are willing to try to tap into this audience, which can potentially lead to enormous returns. Click-through rates has also seen a 37% increase during the same period, showing that the quality of the inventory hasn’t diminished. The Global CTR also enjoyed a new all-time high in the third quarter of this year at 1.66%. The average CPC, on the other hand, has seen a slight decrease, dropping by $0.36. This is the lowest average CPC ever recorded by Nanigans. All data from the report is derived from the ads delivered on the Nanigans platform, which amount to $600 million. Nanigans also reports that an overwhelming majority of these spenders are direct response advertisers. Gaming and e-commerce are the two fields with the largest ad spend. A total of 96% of the ad spend came from mobile app install ads, dynamic ads, domain ads and unpublished page post ads.

Hanif Quentino's complete X-Ranker 360 bonus, in addition to his exclusive review, can be viewed on the following site:

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