Recently Launched Smart Member 2.0 Creates Buzz, as Exclusive BONUS Released by eMarketingChamps

Recently Launched Smart Member 2.0 Creates Buzz In Web Marketing Review Circles, as Exclusive BONUS Offer Released by eMarketingChamps. Google's Declining Search Share Creates New Traffic Opportunities for Smart Member Users.

The recently launched Smart Member 2.0 (+ Dark Post Profits 3.0), explained at, is creating buzz in web marketing review circles by claiming to allow users to build full featured membership sites within minutes. The launch of Smart Member 2.0 is well-timed to capitalize on the findings of a new report, showing that search market share is slowly declining and new opportunities for traffic diversification are increasing.

Hanif Quentino, founder of eMarketing Champs, has released a complete guide and premium bonus for the Smart Member 2.0 system, which can be viewed on his review site:

Hanif considers himself as a legitimate Smart Member 2.0 review critic, mainly because of his extensive experience in creating digital funnels and membership newsletters in a variety of niches. He advises Smart Member users to diversify traffic sources, especially in light of Google's market share declining, which opens up new opportunities to diversify traffic from multiple sources.

Eli Schwartz, online marketing manager at SurveyMonkey, followed up on his previous survey to see just how much Google dominates the search engine market share and where its competitors stand. There are other reporting entities that tackle this particular topic including comScore, SimilarWeb and Hitwise. All of them use tracking technology to gather data. Eli used a survey panel-based approached to see whether he would yield the same results.

According to his results, Google sits comfortably at the top with an astonishing 80% market share. Many wouldn’t be surprised about this, but things get interesting when this is compared to comScore’s data. While Eli’s findings were in line with the data on the Google Analytics accounts he had analyzed, comScore only gives Google 67% of the total market share. The discrepancy is significant, although the difference in methodology could very well explain the difference between the two approaches.

Keeping track of the market share of different search engines can be very beneficial to marketers. In order to succeed in today’s online world, businesses must learn how to move toward individualized marketing. Creating personas for their marketing campaigns is now a must. This involves determining where their target market spends their time online. If their consumers use Yahoo more than Google, it only makes sense to allot their SEO and PPC budgets on Yahoo, even if it’s considered by many an inferior search engine.

Eli conducted his survey using the audience tool of SurveyMonkey. He received 379 responses, which should give his results enough credibility based on a simple calculation of sample size. The participants were asked about which was their primary search engine on their desktop PC. 75% of respondents answered Google, with Yahoo and Bing getting 8% and 7% respectively.

Google had 80% of the desktop market share last year, based on Eli’s survey. This shows that, indeed, Google’s slice of the total search engine market has decreased. Yahoo remained the same while Bing increased by 1%. Smaller search engines such as DuckDuckGo, Baidu and Naver also stayed pretty much the same.

On mobile devices, 78% of respondents consider Google as their primary search engine. Yahoo drops to 5% and Bing to 3% on mobile. This only goes to show that marketers should delve deeper into behavior patterns of their customers. Other insights gathered by Eli that could prove useful have to do with demographics data. A surprising 47% of respondents never use the voice search feature on their mobile devices. The preference for search engines may also have to do with age, as the survey shows that 82% of users under 45 use Google while only 66% of respondents over 45 consider the Big G as their primary search engine.

With the changes in search market share, Hanif recommends Smart Member 2.0 users to target other search engines for driving targeted traffic to their membership sites.

Hanif Quentino's complete Smart Member 2.0 review, in addition to his exclusive Smart Member 2.0 + Dark Post Profits 3.0 bonus offer, can be viewed on the following site:

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