Recently Launched iGloo App Creates Buzz, As Premium Guide & Walk-Thru Released by eMarketingChamps

Recently Launched iGloo Creates Buzz In Web Marketing Review Circles, As Premium Bonus Package Released by eMarketingChamps. Facebook launches new 'DeepText' AI.

The recently launched iGloo Review is creating buzz in web marketing review circles due to its claim of being the fastest and most efficient way to launch a new product or service online. The launch of iGloo is well-timed to capitalize the findings of a new report showing how Facebook is improving their artificial intelligence when it comes to anaylizing user posts.

Hanif Quentino, founder of eMarketing Champs, has released a complete review and premium bonus for the iGloo App, which can be viewed on his site:

Hanif considers himself as a legitimate iGloo App review critic, mainly because of his extensive experience with launching new products and services online. Hanif recommends that iGloo users spend some time focusing on writing engaging Facebook posts to help 'pre-sell' their upcoming launch.

Facebook has recently introduced their very own text comprehension engine. The company aims to use this new technology to be able to automatically sort through the content, showing users what they want to see, and filtering out undesirable posts such as spam. The software utilizes a very complex, intricate functioning, learning from thousands of posts per seconds and reaching near-human comprehension levels. Instead of merely finding key words in a text and using that to determine the copy - as many engines already do -, DeepText is capable of parsing through text, understanding how words interact with each other and identifying what they mean.

An interesting thing about DeepText is that it is capable of operating on multiple languages simultaneously - without requiring engineers to go through long periods of programming in order to teach the engine the basics. The artificial intelligence categorizes words by their meaning, allowing it to identify multiple words that share a meaning - not only when they're in different languages, but also with synonyms or slang terms. Facebook's new AI will be aimed at a wide variety of functions, such as intent detection in Messenger. This would allow companies to set intelligent auto-responders that are capable of accurately identifying what a customer needs - for instance, by responding to messages such as "I need a cab" with a link to request one.

DeepText will also be used to extract information from posts and comments. Should a user mention they're selling a bike for $200, Facebook's algorithms would be able to help by announcing the sale or connecting them with buyers. The engine has a lot of potential for a variety of areas - understanding users' interests, labeling data, and simply taking language processing technology further in order to benefit other technologies.

Hanif Quentino's complete iGloo review, in addition to his exclusive bonus offer, can be viewed on the following site:

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