Recently Launched FeelSocial Creates Buzz, As Premium Guide & Walk-Thru Released by eMarketingChamps

Current release of the FeelSocial Tool makes waves among eMarketing professionals, as premium bonus package released by IM Expert HanifQ. news feed algorithm updated on Facebook to show more timely and authentic stories on news feed.

The new FeelSocial tool is causing worldwide discussion in the digital marketing review underground because it promises to help Facebook marketers send custom broadcast messages.

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Hanif considers himself as a legitimate FeelSocial review critic, mainly because of his extensive experience with facebook marketing and user engagement methods. Hanif recommends that Feel Social members take advantage of Facebook's latest advertising platform.

One of the biggest stories of 2017 was how fake news had permeated the election. The end of 2016 was filled with stories that cause controversies, and many people were pointing at Facebook. Part of the problem was that the algorithms that Facebook were using were not very good at identifying what was actually fake news. In order to authenticate the stories on News Feed, two new signals have been introduced. Let's go over what these new signals are, how they work, and how they may very well be able to eliminate the possibility of rampant fake news stories on this social media giant.

These algorithms are very interesting because they use real-time signals that can actually look at comments that have been made, and also likes. This will determine whether or not it is an authentic post which people are reading and actually liking. Another factor is that they will verify whether or not someone has been accused of fake news in the past and use this as part of their verification process. Both of these working together can actually help to diminish the amount of fake news that is delivered by looking at what is happening now and what the person that posted the new story has done in the past.

This is definitely going to help, but it will more than likely not solve the problem. There are always ways to get fake news on to the Internet. There might be a story someone really worked on that appeals to a large audience who will like it, but in essence it's not real news. The same is true for past performance. Someone may have posted someone else's story that was fake, and then they are accused of doing this themselves. Although this is a good start in the right direction, it will probably not eliminate fake news, but it is definitely going to help.

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