Recently Launched Fearless Netpreneur Magazine Creates Buzz, As Premium Guide & Walk-Thru Released by eMarketingChamps

Current Release of The Fearless Netpreneur Magazine Makes Waves Among EMarketing Professionals, As Premium Bonus Package Released by IM Expert HanifQ. Facebook Messenger Makes Chatbots Easier To Find Plus Ads Chat Extensions.

The new Fearless Netpreneur Magazine is causing worldwide discussion in the digital marketing review underground because it promises to help digital marketer's stay up to date with all the latest trends and provide 'insider tips' to help marketer's grow their business.

IM Consultant HanifQ has prepared a comprehensive guide and bonus offer for the Fearless Netpreneur Magazine which can be accessed on his review site:

Hanif considers himself as a legitimate Fearless Netpreneur Magazine review critic, mainly because of his extensive experience with digital marketing and user engagement methods. Hanif recommends that Fearless Netpreneur Magazine users pay close attention to some of the latest marketing updates happening with Facebook Messenger.

It has recently been stated that the head of Facebook's Messenger program has said that they can actually become the Yellow Pages of messaging apps. According to statistics, there are over 100,000 Facebook messenger chatbots, but this is quite a small number considering over a billion people are on this platform. Part of the problem is that it's not very easy to find, but all of that is soon to change. Chatbots have only been available for about a year, and after many problems, and the fact that very few people even know that these exist, they are about to become more intuitive.

From an individual perspective, it's a way of directly interacting with people that users know that are also using Facebook. In regard to business, this is where they are much more valuable, allowing users to respond to customers right away. They are free to use, and like any chat application, users can pick up where the conversation ended. Part of the reason that people may not use them is that users can already use Messenger to interact with family and friends. From a business perspective, however, it is very similar to the notifications that users have on their web browser where they can post information for potential customers to check out. This is how it will be very useful.

The virtual assistant that is similar to Siri is called 'M'. It is designed to be like Amazon Echo where you can state commands and things will occur. For example, it could be used to order a driver from Lyft, or users could simply state that they are hungry and it will open up all of their favorite places to order food from. It remains to be seen if this is going to become socially popular, and if it does, it will move us further toward a culture that uses Artificial Intelligence to help people go throughout their day.

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