Recently Launched 'Explaindio Video FX' Software Creates Buzz, as Premium Bonus Offered by HanifQ (eMarketingChamps)

Recently Launched 'Explaindio Video FX' Software Creates Buzz In Web Marketing Review Circle, as Premium Bonus Package Offered by HanifQ of eMarketingChamps. Facebook Releases New Report on Video Consumption.

The recently launched Explaindio Video FX software, explained at is creating buzz in web marketing review circles due to its claim of being able to instantly add special effects and enhancements to any video with a few clicks. The launch of Explaindio Video FX is well-timed to capitalize on the findings of a new report by Facebook, showing the consumption of video on the social media platform.

Hanif Quentino, founder of eMarketing Champs, has released a complete guide and premium bonus for the Explaindio VideoFX tool, which can be viewed on his site:

Hanif considers himself as a legitimate Explaindio Video FX review critic, mainly because of his extensive experience in video marketing and monetization. He advises that Explaindio VideoFX users jump on the growing trend of video consumption on the Facebook platform.

The inclusion of videos on Facebook has been met with a lot of interest and excitement. It is a fantastic social media giant and one that has evolved including the implementation of videos. So, this implementation has been researched to see how well it is truly doing.

The success has been evident with over 100 million hours being watched daily on the platform. This should signify that Facebook has been doing something right and it is certainly growing. This is incredible compared to all other platforms that have videos on them. It does excite advertisers and everyone else too.

Microsoft has been one of the leading companies to invest in the videos and keep putting them up. They have stated the data they have found with these videos has been astonishing and beyond what they had even expected. They have seen a 10% increase in America because of the videos going up.

This growth has been easy going and they are looking forward to investing even more. Since their debut on the platform, they have just never looked back.

Facebook has looked at the stats themselves and state they want to keep emphasizing videos on their platform. They are stating it is the thing of the future and videos are something users want to watch. Videos won't age and they want to be able to promote it.

Everyone else that is putting up videos on their pages is also liking it.

FaceBook is not a platform that will be stopping and that is not how they run the business. So, with these many videos being watched on a daily basis, it has come to a point where a video app could be in the offing. They might want to give users a chance to use their video app and gain even more control. It will give them a place to keep uploading videos and use the system to gain even more interest.

This growth is something they want to beat over the next year and want to keep evolving. Facebook won't be sitting around just letting the success roll in because they know changes will have to be made. They want to keep getting that hour mark going upwards.

Hanif Quentino's complete Explaindio Video FX review, in addition to his exclusive Explaindio VideoFX bonus offer, can be viewed on the following site:

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