Recently Launched 'Easy Sketch Pro 3.0' Creates Buzz, as HanifQ Introduces Unique Bonus Package

Recently Launched 'Easy Sketch Pro 3.0' Software Creates Buzz In Web Marketing Circles, as IM Experts HanifQ Introduces Unique Bonus Package For Easy Sketch Pro.

The recently launched Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 software, explained at, is creating buzz in web marketing circles due to its claim of being one of the fastest video creation & animation tools on the market. The launch of Easy Sketch Pro 3 is well-timed to captialize on the findings of a new report showing that video views on mobile devices are dramatically on the rise.

Hanif Quentino, President of eMarketingChamps, has published an in-depth guide and exclusive bonus offer for Easy Sketch Pro 3.0, which can be found on his review website:

Hanif regards himself as a credible Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 review critic, primarily because of his experience as a prolific video marketers, as well as getting an inside look at the Easy Sketch Pro software. He recommends that video marketers jump on the rising trend of mobile video views by creating faster loading videos that appeal to mobile users. The rise of smartphones, tablets and iPad’s has had a significant impact on the amounts of traffic emanating from mobile devices. A recent report shows that more than 44% of video plays happen on mobile devices. This again, has been attributed to the rise of mobile phones with high definition screen resolutions and blazing fast internet connectivity speeds.

With most mobile phones today having the capacity to access the internet at 3G and 4G speeds, and having the ability to access the internet via WIFI hotspots, playing online video content is very smooth. In addition to this, smartphones and tablets/iPads have an inbuilt app for YouTube and other video hosting sites. Users can also install apps from Vimeo and other video sharing sites, thus enabling them to search and watch favorite videos seamlessly. This is one of the biggest influencing factors that has contributed to the increased video plays online.

Another reason why mobile devices are the taking the lead in the number of videos being watched, is because audiences today prefer watching explainer videos to reading long texts of content. According to a recent report, audio-visual content is easy to comprehend and lets audiences grasp the main idea very quickly. In addition to this, marketers and companies use videos to advertise their products online. With mobile responsiveness being the ‘in thing’, marketers can woo target audience to watch promotional videos as they watch other content online.

The ability to watch online videos on the go, especially on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter has also contributed to the increased mobile traffic. Social networking sites have made it easy for users to watch and share videos on their timelines. This enables other users to see the videos shares hence watch them using their mobile devices. Since internet connectivity isn’t an issue anymore, Facebook and Twitter users can access, play and watch videos as they browse through their friend’s pages and timelines. These social networking platforms have also enabled video watching via apps installed in these smartphones, which again contributes to the increased traffic on video plays.

Hanif Quentino's full Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 review, as well as his unique Easy Sketch Pro bonuses, can be seen on the following webpage:

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