Recent Singles: “Sky High' & Star Treck”, Tye Da CEO recently dropped the video for Star Treck on YouTube

Recent Singles: “Sky High' & Star Treck” (Available On All Major platforms), Tye Da CEO recently dropped the video for Star Treck on youtube and is doing good numbers and getting a great response.

Born Tonia Saffore, the Grand Rapids, native has been independently in the music business for ten years strong. Tye Da CEO decided to make her own way in the game by starting her own label, Tyeland Ent. Dominating most female rappers, she can go against the best of them. Her talents include, but are not limited to, rapping, writing music, and marketing. Tye Da CEO is looking for a distribution deal, but is not bias to the “right kind” of artist deal. Grinding hard she has the city of Grand Rapids streets, as well as the internet on lock. Her drive and ambition is what separates her from other female artist. Tye Da CEo is lyrically inclined and her unique style is marketing in its self. In the past five years, Tye has been out on the road selling her cds independently, from the streets to the internet. She has also managed and mentored several young artist who has decided to join Tyeland Ent. Ten years later she’s determined more than ever to get her foot in the door. Showcasing her talents
talents from Michigan to California has definitely broadened her fan base, from the streets to mainstream.

Recent Singles: “Sky High' & Star Treck” (Available On All Major platforms), Tye Da CEO recently dropped the video for Star Treck on youtube and is doing good numbers and getting a great response.

Name of Company : Tyeland Entertainment

Updates: She will be going on a promotional tour late fall.

Tye Da CEO - Interview questions

As you see yourself, who is Tye Da CEO?

I'm one determined individual who has no quit in her. I'm woman who knows what she wants and willing to go after it. I'm not easily convinced especially when it's reference to making decisions that will effect me at the moment or long term. I need that understanding that I fully know the meaning and terms of whatever the matter is at hand. I come from a good family where I was taught manners, morals and respect even being raised with less. But on the other side of things I ran the streets as well to the point, I'm a 3rd time felon and I'm not proud of it but (life happens). With other options I could have took interest in, I was gon still have that grind me no matter what career I chose. I have a good heart and intentions and both have taught me well learned lessons. Don't get me wrong I love to have fun, travel, laugh, meet new people and learn new things. Its a whole world out there Tyedaceo want to experience.

What brought you to the entertainment industry and music specifically?

I made a major turn in my life when I decided to get into the entertainment/music industry. I do honestly feel if I hadn't I probably wouldn't be answering these questions right now. But watching close associates and friends get indictment charges, facing heavy jail time, I had to tell myself that gotta find a different way of financial means. Music was my second option basketball was my first. I also wanted something I could build that was my own. But of course I want to rise above poverty, who wouldn't.
What and/or who influenced the sound you bring today?

At first it was to get in the door, get some money,take care of my family, but then over time the craft of it grew on me more. I became more dedicated to writing and being in the studio. It was it expanded my way of thinking and what I really wanted to do in the near future. I would have to say knowing how to bring in some kind of income from different ways of making took a influence on the music I write. As far as who influenced me to bring my sound of music, one of my first cousins who was already into the music long before I was, and as well the dope boys I came up under during my time of selling dope.

What’s happened in your career that makes you feel this is the industry for you?

There's a few things happening in my career right now that keeps me wanting to succeed in this industry. One is the fact I've learned how to build and network with people to engage in getting results from my hard work and grind, which is a must when your an indirect artist with no backing, no big budget or no one who can just pull you in and let you go to work on your craft. I love the grind of it, because it gives me the pleasure of knowing I worked for this , I accomplish something whether big or small I did it.

What was the biggest obstacle in getting to your current career phase?

To get to where I am now took a lot of patience for me. I had to sacrifice some things in order to continue to keep myself focused and not loose sight of what I was going after and where I wanted to be in the industry. I know its levels to this business and things just don't happen over night, but I also know without taking risk and/or getting out of your comfort zone you won't see to many results. I know just being a female who's trying to succeed comes with lots of ups and downs, obsticales that many females wouldn't be able to deal with. You have to be a strong willed female to keep taking them steps forward one piece of information at a time to get to make that statement or take that stand of letting the people know I'm here and you gotta deal with me.

What do you want people to get from your music?

Honestly I want the people out there to feel my music on a level of being an inspiration to them in some kind of way. I need the music to touch you in the inside, I have a great friend who always tell me (the somebody somewhere around is being inspired by you) and I do believe that. I want the music and work behind it to open up different avenues and doors and not just for the music it could be for charities, schools, young females who need a way of finding themselves. I would love to be the one to create a difference in the communities I come from. But most of all I want the people to know I'm only one person and I'm human as well.

Tell us about your current project?

My current project is a piece of something I created and put the time and work in on my own. Like all my past projects, it took some time, money and effort to pull together and make happen. You know people a say they support you but only to the fact of them being in the spot light of just being there along the ride, not the work that has to be done for the art. I'm still learning as I grow as an artist and brand everyday, nothing comes easy when you at war with yourself to accomplish something you put your entire life behind. You have to value life or the business, and they both need your undivided attention.

What do you feel has been your greatest life achievement so far?

My greatest life achievement as of today is doing what I love to do which is creating a blueprint I want to execute in a positive and legal way. Achieving some accomplishments will always be a great feeling of knowing my worth in this world, some never even get pass the first curve ball that life can throw at. Having the knowledge of knowing I can grow after being knocked down so many times excites and strengthen my will and ambition to keep pushing and never think its to late.

If you could collaborate with one artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

I would to collab with Yo Gotti. For one he's one of my favorite artist in the game and has been since he's made his way in the door of the industy. Gotti gives me the inspiration or seeing and knowing what it means to come from shit to sugar and be great at it while never forgetting where you come from. When you can understand what it is you want and what its going to take to get there, is a priceless acknowledgement and that secures my way of thinking with most of my goals.

If you had to pick one song of yours, that really explains YOU, what would it be?

Everybody wanna live the good life is one of my favorite songs I've written. It explains the good and bad side of things that I've been threw as a person, a female in a world of having to struggle and fight to become someone. The songs also talks about my weakness and strengths. Your only good or great as you allow yourself to be, no one can give you that, it has no cost on it.

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