Recent Poll Reveals Increasing Divorce Rate Among Over 50's

Recently published figures have shown that the divorce rate amongst the over 50s in the United States is on the rise.

A recent poll of American divorce lawyers has shown that the divorce rate amongst the over 50s in the United States is on the increase, with a rising number of so called 'baby boomers' deciding to end their marriages. A poll of lawyers showed that 61 percent had seen cases of divorce amongst the over 50s increase, with data suggesting that nearly a quarter of these divorces were being initiated by women and around 14 percent by men.

A variety of reasons were given as cause for divorce, and some of the most difficult aspects to sort out in these divorce cases included alimony, business interests, and retirement accounts. Experts said that people were now finding it easier to divorce, and because they were living longer more found that it was worthwhile pressing for divorce once the kids had grown up and left home.

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