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The launch was recently launched to provide football-related news in Vietnam. Read to know more about it.

The is a recent website launch which has been in the news. The company has created a website that is dedicated to football related news, a sport that is widely followed in the country. They seek to have the audience engage on the website as they think that such a platform was not present in the country before their launch. So, they are looking forward to a great turnout.

As football is a famous sport and a dedicated website was formed to provide information about it. The website is simple yet informative at the same time. The website divides the website into a different country as well as the popular tournaments present in football.

The creators of the website say, “We saw that there is a huge popularity of football in Vietnam but there weren’t any proper websites which are dedicated to it. So, we thought of providing a website which will not only be informative but also have the language of the reader’s preference. We try to include as much information as possible so that every reader is satisfied. Our website is an amalgamation of international and national football. We hope to see all the football lovers engaging on our website.”

When someone is on the website - Truoc Tran Dau they can directly go to the different tabs to look for the news that they are looking for. Or else they have the option to write their search query in the search bar. They mainly focus on the countries of Spain, Italy, France, and Vietnam. They also have a section for 24 Hours football where they constantly keep updating about the matches or football news happening around the world. They are keeping a close watch on Euro Cup 2020.

The website is quite interactive and user-friendly for any person who is not tech savvy. They can easily browse through it and get the news that they are looking for. Another interesting point to note about the website is their Top 10 section where certain lists are given based on the events happening in the football world. The website has several photographs and video which actually make it much more interesting than looking blankly at texts.

The does not take much time to load even though it is full of media. People who are interested in playing football or in keeping up with the football world will find this website very helpful. Even the creators take them as the target audience in their hope to have a far better reach in the country. So, they are looking forward to the upcoming months when they can really see the reaction of the audience. It can be guessed that the website will become popular in the upcoming time because of its interface and usability.

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The website is a part of the News & Sports Media and Online Joint Stock Company which has been formed by young people who want to spread sports to everyone.

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