Recent Blind Study Reveals Jaw Dropping Truth Behind Men’s Perception Of Beauty Products

“What you don’t know doesn’t hurt you” has never rang more true than in a recent blind study performed on men.

This past week marked the end of the newest controversial blind study, drawing in 100 willing men of different ages and backgrounds from around the country as volunteers, to find the truth behind men and makeup products. Prior to the blind testing, the willing participants were asked to fill out a questioner; 91% of the men said they have not nor will not ever use makeup products, and 86% answered that they feel men shouldn’t wear makeup at all.

The 100 men were all given the same products to use, 50 of the men were told it was a new cream, while the other 50 were told that the product actually contained makeup in it. Out of the 50 men that were let in on the fact that it did contain makeup, only 4 said they followed through with the 30-day trial, 10 said they tried it at least once, and the remainder said they didn’t use it at all.

Out of the 50 men that were not told the product contained makeup, 41 said they completed the 30 day trial, all 50 said they tried it more than once, and surprisingly 38 said they would recommend it for other men to use. After being told it contained makeup, 30 of the men still said they would recommend it to a friend.

Kyle G. from Alabama, one of the men that found out after-the-fact that it was a makeup product openly posted a testimonial about the study, saying “I really had no idea I was wearing makeup products, and it has really changed my perception… not only do I recommend the products to my friends but I still use them everyday!”

The study was conducted after Ryan Zamo, the young CEO behind the internationally successful organic cosmetics company Z Skin Cosmetics was bashed for his product campaigns promoting men to use makeup, but it looks like the new blind study may cause many to re-examine the young entrepreneurs motives.

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