Receive LEI Number in 3 Hours with Fast Track Service

LEI Register makes it possible to receive a legal entity identifier number in as little as three hours with a Fast-Track application process.

Since the global financial crisis, many businesses are required to get an LEI number before carrying out trades or financial transactions. Typically, acquiring one of these numbers takes a lot of time. In the business world, time is money, and any time wasted can lead to a potential loss in revenue through missed opportunities. LEI Register has a solution to this issue with a Fast-Track application process allowing businesses to get an LEI number in a matter of hours - as opposed to a matter of days. This will enable companies to speed things along and make transactions when they’re in a hurry.

A Same-Day LEI Number Service
With LEI Register’s unique application process, businesses can be set up with an LEI in as little as three hours guaranteed. This means it’s entirely possible to apply for an LEI and receive it on the same day as the application went through. The application itself is simple and only takes around two minutes to fill in. As soon as all the data is validated, an LEI number will be sent to the business.

This service is ideal for any companies that are in a hurry. If a business knows their current LEI is about to run out, then applying through this Fast-Track service ensures that they can receive the new number and carry on trading as usual. The numbers are available for one, three, or five years depending on what the business requires.

Apply & Pay Online
In the past, acquiring an LEI number was harder than it should’ve been. There were many hoops to jump through, and businesses were unaware if they needed one or not. Nowadays, every legal entity that wishes to trade in European financial markets involving any kind of securities or derivates needs to have an LEI number.

LEI Register has made it easy to apply and pay for this number. Instead of filling out pages of forms and sending them off for approval, everything is done online. Payment for the number itself can be made through the LEI Register website, making it highly convenient for all businesses and legal entities that require one of these numbers.

About LEI Register
LEI Register is a RapidLEI Registration Agent that specialises in fast and secure applications. Modern business moves extremely quickly, meaning companies can’t afford to wait around any more. Regular LEI applications can take days to go through, which is why LEI Register stepped in to provide its service. By reducing the application period and distributing LEI numbers in hours, it keeps businesses moving and means nobody needs to miss out on key trading opportunities.

More information on LEI Register and the Fast-Track application process can be found on the website: Any questions or press enquiries should be forwarded to Kristen Jaanus at

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