Rebrandable Content Summit 2017 - Getting A Full Powerful PLR And Live Expert Training In One Package

With Rebrandable Content Summit 2017, marketers are enabled to sell a powerful PLR under their name and attend live virtual workshops with ten experts turning rebrandable content into profitable products and brands.

Veteran PLR creators, Charles and Laurel Harper, have decided to do a Virtual PLR Summit which is called Rebrandable Content Summit 2017. That means marketers will get a chance to see experts show them how to take any PLR package and turn it into a profitable product or a profitable brand. However, the creators went one step further as they give their followers access to a full high-quality business in a box package.

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Rebrandable Content Summit 2017 comes with two powerful components. The first part is full business in a box package video course which is called “The 30 Day Branding Challenge.”

Most entrepreneurs have the drive and motivation to succeed, but lack the structure to do it. Now, users can sell a course, guide or even have an e-course to show those people how they can get their business branded. Let’s take a quick look at the product details of The 30 Day Branding Challenge.

• 15 HQ MP4 Videos
• 15 Companion Audios
• PowerPoint Slides
• PinPoint Mind Map
• Cheat Sheet
• Companion E-Book
• Sales Pages and Opt-In Pages
• Video Lead Magnet and Script

This high-level concept is divided into 15 steps where at the end the buyers will not only understand their market, but also have a plan for generating income too. Users are allowed to put their name on this product and sell it for whatever they want to do with it. For any circumstance, users may want to sell their own coaching program with the balance of work for their students to learn some and then go through the pre-planned exercises, they could charge a premium fee for this kind of program to be completed by their customers over the 30 day period.

The second part of Rebrandable Content Summit 2017 is the access to live and recorded virtual summit streams. In this summit, experts will show marketers how they can use rebrandable content to grow their business. These experts have a few things in common. They all know the subject of creating a product. They all know about building a brand from the ground up with content. They will make sure to cover everything from what to do with the audio that users get to, how to use the presentation and even more high-level strategy. These are experts in the trenches that actually do the things they will be teaching. It just so happens that they have found the folks that know how to teach as well as knowing how to do. It is going to put marketers in position to increase leads and revenues based on their individual business.

Each session will be streamed live but will also be recorded and made instantly available for user’s convenience. They will be able to submit their questions in advance as well as to watch the replay.

By using Rebrandable Content Summit 2017, users can do the following things:

• Establish trust - Provide reliable, high-quality information and content that his customers can use with confidence
• Keep all of the profit - Enjoy the fruits of his labor. 100% of all you sell is yours.
• Build their list - Use the content as bait to build a huge responsive list
• Sell to hungry buyers - Get started with topics that marketers have proven they will buy
• Be an authority - Create a presence in their niche by tailoring the information to their specific needs
• Crush it as an affiliate - Use their content as a high-quality bonus for relevant offers

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