Rebel Mouse Now Offers Cheap Tickets To Yanni’s 2014 Tour

Rebel Mouse offers content creation and presentation services to get content out to new audiences, and that now includes money off offers on a huge range of products including Yanni’s 2014 tour

Rebel Mouse is a powerful new platform for content creators to rid themselves of all the design and build of web creation and simply get their content out there with state of the art tracking and analytics, so they can quickly assess its reach and impact. The site is already used for all sorts of promotion, but the latest wave of users are bringing money saving deals to the site that allow more users than ever to get ready access to cheap tickets for events and major discounts on products.

The latest additions in this vein have been cheap tickets to Yanni’s 2014 tour ( and money off tumblers ( Each page has a comprehensive suite of information drawn from multiple media sources including text, images and video.

The cheap Yanni tickets page allows fans to see one of the most preeminent composers in the world live but at an affordable price. The Rebel Mouse page gives visitors an in-depth biography of Yanni including a breakdown of his musical achievements and most importantly the ability to buy tickets for his latest tour.

The tumblers page allows visitors to immediately get a minimum of 10% off tumblers and gives an insight into tumblers and their available ranges plus links to other valuable resources related to tumblers.

A spokesperson explained, “Rebel Mouse offers a one of a kind content creation and curation system, that allows us to present interesting discounts and information the best way possible while reaching a broader audience, who’s behavior can be tracked by Rebel Mouse analytics so we can evolve their page to increase its effectiveness over time, and discover effective tactics that they can roll over into our next offers. The latest discounts for both Yanni concert tickets and the tumblers allow us to give maximum value and savings to consumers while giving them excellent information and resources so they can make educated buying decisions.”

About Rebel Mouse:
Rebel Mouse is enabling a new breed of content creators to build communities and tell stories that are discovered and shared across social, mobile and web platforms. Rebel Mouse offers a complete digital publishing suite, including content creation, curation, design, presentation and analytics applications, that eliminates the technical barriers to becoming a sophisticated, data-driven publisher and empowers Rebels of all sizes to let their content roar.

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