Realty Simplified, LLC Assists House Owners to Sell Houses Directly in Houston

Realty Simplified, LLC – Helping Houstonians, One Home at a Time. A real estate solution company with a difference, it promises to revitalize communities while encouraging home ownership in Houston.

As seen in most cases, selling a house in Houston with a property agents or real estate brokers always prove to be a roller-coaster ride! Starting from hiring agents to settling their fees and commissions, listing your property to finding customers, the process can get real irksome at times! To overcome all these, Mr Nakul Kongovi from Houston, Texas has come up with Realty Simplified, LLC; a common platform for property owners to sell houses fast in Houston.

With a mission to develop Houston – one house at a time, Realty Simplified, LLC has emerged as a platform wherein Houstonians can sell their house or properties in the most beneficial and easiest ways. Here is what Nakul has to say about his brainchild and how it is making a difference among Houstonians.

When asked Mr Nakul Kongovi, founder CEO of Realty Simplified, LLC, he explained his organisation as a common platform wherein property owners in Houston can sell their houses directly. According to him, his organisation curbs all the traditional ways of selling a house in Houston and encourages owners to go for agent-free deals, and thus ensuring total authenticity and enabling property owners to get instant cash on their properties.

He also said that selling with Realty Simplified, LLC is extremely transparent and can be accomplished within few simple steps. It usually begins with house or property owners requesting for a free property consultation; they can either drop a mail or call directly.

Following this, property guides and experts will visit their property and discuss plans with property or house owners. To ensure more clarity about selling a property or house in Houston, property experts estimate property’s current value and explains the whole process to the owners. Once owners are clear and convinced with it, property experts will arrange spot cash offers to buy their houses or properties.

Nakul also added that his organisation also encourages property owners to sell their houses in Houston while relocating, undergoing a property foreclosure, or even while having a divorce. His farm also takes care of all the paper-works and curtails the process for property owners.

He concluded with the point that selling a house with Realty Simplified, LLC not only makes it easier to sell a house, but also assures huge selling benefits to the owners. Unlike most of the real estate farms, Nakul’s Realty Simplified, LLC promises to close any deal within seven working days at the best market price.

If you too are planning to sell your house quickly for cash in Houston, you can get in touch with Realty Simplified, LLC. You can sell an inherited house or a house during probate, while having a divorce or before foreclosure with them. Realty Simplified, LLC buy houses at a lightning speed in Houston; you can either call or drop a mail to them for a free property consultation and get the quickest, most beneficial and trustworthy deals on your house in Houston!

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