Real Estate Marketing Lists by Dynamicard Reach Targeted Markets and Track Your Results

Dynamicard’s highly deliverable and reliable Real Estate Marketing Plastic Postcard List is the perfect database to start an effective direct mail marketing campaign as part of your marketing strategy.

Real estate represents a significant portion of most people's wealth, and this is especially true for many homeowners in the United States. According to the Survey of Consumer Finances by the Federal Reserve, 64.9% of American families owned their own primary residence.

Now there’s high demand with super low inventory, and buyers are scratching and clawing to enter the market. Before the start of 2021, existing homes were typically on the market for 21 days—meaning houses were plucked off the market two weeks faster than the typical 38 days from a year ago. Now homes sell even faster than that, typically selling within 18 days on the market. That’s another new record!

The housing market is continuing to explode like never before seen. We are seeing steady mortgage rates, job recoveries, and the law of supply and demand all working together to make home sales rise. The number of homes sold in 2021 is forecasted to be almost 6.5 million, with forecasts predicting the highest profits ever.

For Real Estate Agent's, this is an exciting time. However, now more than ever marketing the agents brand and services is crucial to success. With so many options and the need to make an impact quickly there is pressure to make impactful decisions. Direct for Real Estate Agents by Dynamicard gets instant trackable results with a big return on investment.

Dynamicard’s Real Estate Marketing Mailing List is a valuable asset for marketing Real Estate Listings and services. It contains thousands of contacts targeted at consumers looking to buy or sell depending upon the goal of the campaign. Customizing a new marketing plan and strategy to reach new consumers is not a problem for Dynamicard because such a targeted list is utilized and plastic gift cards stand out more than your typical direct mail postcard.

Attract the right customer with mailing list and plastic postcard mailers, featuring your choice of die cut promotional pop-out offers. Plastic Postcards pique the interest of targeted consumers and the pop-outs feel like a gift card, giving a greater perceived value. These mailers are printed on a state-of-the-art digital press- allowing for variable personalization, numbering, barcoding and addressing.

Homages to superheroes aside, DynamiCard is marketing analytics fueled by targeted direct mail! Sometimes, clients can get overwhelmed with everything that is involved with hiring outside marketing and advertising help. Don’t worry, that’s what Dynamicard specializes in. Dynamicard has been in the direct mail business for decades and knows a thing or two about the direct mail industry. Find out more information about how a real estate business can benefit from Direct Mail and Plastic Postcard Mailers with Dynamicard. Please don’t delay – contact Dynamicard today.

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