Re-Engager Plugin Helps To Get Visitors Back To Marketer’s Website And Almost Forces Them To Take Action

If you want to have a simple tool for better engaging your visitors with just a few clicks, or want to maximize the traffic you are getting and get the most out of it, Re-Engager software is the product that you need.

In marketing, no one wants to lose a potential customer or subscriber. And thanks to websites such as Facebook, Google, or Twitter, people’s brains have been programmed to respond to notifications immediately.

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Re-Engager is a simple software plugin that works to make marketer’s website stand out among all of the other browser windows their visitors have open. The product allows users to get setup with just a few clicks. It is fast and easy to use without having any prior experience to start getting results quickly.

There are not many tools that enable marketers to generate more income by simply setting them up. And Re-engager is one of those tools that is newbie-friendly and will quickly pay for itself. The system is designed to be fully customizable, so marketers can make it work for their online business.

The basic benefits users can reap from ReEngager Software are:

• Create their own popups
• Build countless Re-engager campaigns
• Draw viewer’s attention with a message of their choice
• Insert their auto-responder into the popup
• Use an image to tell their message
• Show and hide elements with a simple shortcode

The theory of how this plugin works is very simple. When someone leaves marketer’s website, Re-Engager shows a notification on the browser that looks similar to an instant message. By doing this, the visitor will instantly notice marketer’s browser tab and almost always come back to this website before closing out their browser.

When they come back, marketers can show them a video, pop-up an opt-in page, give them a discount and so on. As a result, marketers can get a second chance to get their visitors to take action.

Moreover, users can place any message they want below the pop-up video such as a discounted offer or any call-to-action. They can also decide to have an opt-in form that pops up for their audience.

One unique feature of Re-Engager plugin is that it is fully integrated with Google maps, so marketers are able to show their location when someone comes back to their website.

The software works perfectly for local businesses who want to re-engage people on their contact pages. They can also have an entire website pop-up when someone comes back to their page.

Besides Re-Engager software, the producer also includes a step-by-step training video so they can take full advantage of Re-Engager and be up-and-running within a few minutes. This training video will teach marketers everything they can do with the software and guarantee to get setup right the first time.

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