R&B Artist Brekaz Reveals His Latest EP 'Damaged' and Its Connection to Mental Health

The aim of ‘Damaged’ is thus to connect, relate and heal the listeners from the traumas of life.

June 30, 2021 – R&B Singer-Songwriter/producer Brekaz’s song ‘My Best’, from his debut EP 'Damaged', recently hit the mark of 11k views in less than fifteen days on Spotify. Every song written by the artist delivers a message unique to himself artistically with a bouncy, energetic and chill fusion of sounds. Brekaz has over 14,00 monthly listeners on Spotify from the US itself.

Damaged is a musical representation, and the artist recently uncovered its real meaning while replying to a super fan’s question. He said, "The reason why l sing is because l love music, but mainly it’s because my emotions want to talk to me. It's coz l haven't been in touch with my inner self for a very long time. So l sing to listen to my emotions. Of course this language everyone can understand, but this for me is my self-rescue. Wow, thank you so much for that question, coz l haven’t asked myself recently that important question."

The aim of ‘Damaged’ is thus to connect, relate and heal the listeners from the traumas of life. “My vision is to reach a lot of people and help them heal. In some way, shape and form, we are all in pain and trying to heal. I hope my music is relatable because it will be depicting my transitions from different stages of life. From self-doubt, self-sabotage, confidence, heartbreaks, loneliness and all the emotions, we go through. These experiences will make it through my EP, ‘Damaged’”, says Brekaz as he discusses his new EP.

On Instagram, Brekaz has a miniseries called BETTER YOU. He hops on Instagram every Sunday to talk with his followers on topics like mental health and so. This is Brekaz’s way of speaking up for those who may be suffering from various mental health issues, giving them a chance to address these matters.

“Most of the information we discuss may be universal, but l am mainly targeting men. I do this to inspire and encourage men to speak up, not to give up on themselves and that they are not alone. This is also my way of connecting with people, not just through music, but talking and relating”, explains Brekaz in his miniseries Best of You.

Brekaz is an R&B Singer-Songwriter/producer based in Dublin Ireland. Brekaz was born and raised in the small country of Zimbabwe. He moved to Ireland in 2011, where he fell deeply in love with both the culture and the people. This love for his second homeland came to be reflected in his style of music. Brekaz has since drawn inspiration from personal experience and his perspective on life.
His music depicts some of his understanding of life and exterior views on his journey so far. His music is directly drawn, with inspiration, from a wide range of talented influences such as Kanye West, Timberland, Michael Jackson, ELHAE, 6Lack and Chris Brown, to mention a few.

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