Raspberry Ketones News – Buyers Warned Of Dangers From Cheap Imitations

Gerry Lewis reports a new high in second-rate imitations of dietary supplements designed to attract bargain hunters that may be ineffective and even dangerous.

Raspberry Ketone supplements are proving to be one of the most popular weight loss aids on the market. After clinical trials revealed rapid and significant weight loss in rats when ingesting high quantities of the ketones, the supplement was floated for human consumption and endorsed by numerous TV Doctors. As a result many second rate suppliers began creating imitation products and it became harder and harder to separate the quality providers from the opportunity seekers.

How To Find High Quality Raspberry Ketones supplements. Gerry Lewis has determined that the best Raspberry Ketones suppliers are those who provide American made, FDA approved, high purity Ketones pills that come with a high concentration of ketones in every pill. Checking these facts can save users from being taken advantage of. Click Here Now To Access The News and Media Reported Most Effective Raspberry Ketone Supplement.

The Dangers of Cheap and Imported Raspberry Ketones. Raspberry Ketones from low quality suppliers contain fillers, preservatives, binding agents and even gelatine extracts which lower the purity and effectiveness of the supplements and can be dangerous, causing allergic responses in some individuals and activating intolerances in others. Gerry Lewis has investigated imports from China and many of the cheapest supplements and discovered they contain low amounts of the ketones themselves, making them ineffective and a waste of buyers’ money.

The Best Raspberry Ketones Supplement Supplier. Gerry Lewis explained, “Our experience has been that with dietary supplements more than perhaps any other major product line is vulnerable to imitators and cheap knock-offs that promise an attractive deal to customers but sacrifice on quality so they end up disappointed when the supplement doesn’t have its intended effect. The positive news is that I have as a result of my investigation established the best and most trusted supplier of Raspberry Ketones. I Strongly Recommend You Immediately Access The News and Media Reported Most Effective Raspberry Ketone Supplement By Clicking Here Right Now.”

About Raspberry Ketones:
Raspberry Ketones are a dietary supplement that has been found to cause rapid and drastic weight loss in clinical trials with animals. The supplement is a derivative of the raspberry fruit that can be successfully extracted into a pure compound for maximum results. The highest quality suppliers contain the highest purity and quantity of ketones per pill, and avoid additional ingredients.

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