Rap star JFK invited to the Who Wants to Make it Showcase to perform his hit single Pull Up.

On February 27, 2019 budding rap star JFK was invited to the Who Wants to Make it Showcase to perform his hit single Pull Up at Black Ink Orlando.

Black Ink Crew is an American Reality Television show that chronicles the daily lives of Urban Tattooing/Piercing Artists who work within the Black Ink Franchise. Many fans of the show have chosen their favorite cast mates such as Black Ink Alumni Ceasar (Franchise Owner) whom provides the drive and hustle of the Black Ink NYC cast and Sky whom provides the energy and entertainment.  Black Ink Crew also has a spinoff show Black Ink Chicago which not only provides a glimpse of the Tattoo/Piercing world but also give fans a glimpse into the Music and Fashion Industry.  The black Ink Franchise also has other locations in ATL, Louisiana and Orlando where fans can visit for Tattoo’s, Piercings and of course Black Ink Merchandise.

JFK was fresh off his Florida tour with one of hip hops most legendary southern Rap Stars Pastor Troy when he was invited to perform at Black Ink Orlando’s Who Wants to Make it Showcase.  JFK felt no other better opportunity to bring his Energy, Charisma and Stage Presence as an established artist so he decided to Pull Up to Black Ink Orlando.  JFK appreciated the fact that this that this event not only would give him the opportunity to showcase his musical talent but also provided an opportunity to give back to the community. Raised in Miami, Florida JFK has seen his share of poverty and when given the opportunity to rise to the occasion to help those less fortunate JFK and FPC5150 Entertainment wanted to make sure that not only did JFK entertain the crowd but the budding star also left his light to shine in the community.  Fist Pump Community 5150ENT (FPC5150ENT) is not only entertainment company 51% but also encourages their artists and fans to be active and involved in their local community 50% hence 5150. FPC5150ENT has participated in other charitable events such as Nightmare Before Christmas & SMF Beach Cleanups.

On March 2, 2019 when JFK hit the stage no one knew what to expect however when the beat dropped the crowd and the Black Ink Crew was pleasantly surprised by not only the lyrical style but also the energy & stage presence bought to the performance.  JFK’s intricate style, unmatched lyrical flow and energetic performance gave the showcase a well needed refreshed vibe.  This Vibe was undeniably contagious so much even Black Ink ATL Event Manager Rich Mo caught himself vibing to Pullup.  Rich Mo whom is also an Artist had to personally let JFK know he enjoyed the performance and appreciated the new energy bought to the showcase.  JFK wanted Black INK to know High Energy and Good Vibes is his brand and they can continue the positive vibe by downloading his new single Pull Up, Get Lit and Strive on all musical platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora.

To keep up with the latest music, tour info, get booking info and/or to become a fan you can follow JFK on Instagram @JFKMusic and/or Facebook.com/JayflizzJFK.
To keep up with the latest Black Ink Crew new you can catch them in their 7th season Wednesdays at 9pm on VH1.

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