RankingGap Launches Powerful Software To Reveal Competitors’ Ranked Keywords

RankingGap is a cloud-based tool that combines keyword gap analysis and rank discovery. The software unlocks your competitors’ top-performing keywords to increase your website’s traffic.

RankingGap, an advanced keyword gap analysis tool that discovers keywords that are already proven to be ranking, today announced the launch of an exclusive lifetime deal for their users. RankingGap combines the fundamental components of keyword gap analysis and discovery of keywords that are ranking in one unique tool. The lifetime deal is launching on July 28.

“This new keyword gap analysis tool takes a unique approach in helping marketers, and SEO professionals discover relevant keywords that are missing from their website,” said Andy, the founder of RankingGap. “Before this, people often have to do keyword research that can take up so much of their time. It gets even tougher for people who are new to the SEO industry. They don’t know where to even begin. With this tool, website owners can easily benchmark their website with their top competitors and find out what keywords they are missing and should target next..”

RankingGap’s core feature is to perform a keyword gap analysis on 5 websites simultaneously. Four specially designed keyword views are present to provide users with an insightful look into the websites' keyword profiles: 

Common: Identify keywords that both you and your competitors rank for.
Missing: Reveals keywords that you don’t rank, but all your competitors do.
Gap: Discover keywords that you don’t rank, but some of your competitors do.
Unique: View keywords that only you are ranking for, but none of your competitors do.

Besides the keywords, RankingGap will also show the URL (and its ranking) that is ranking for the keyword. Real-time keyword data is also available to better help the user decide if the keywords are worth ranking for.

Andy further explained how the 4 keyword views could help SEO experts or even beginners assess competitor insights. He said, “the common keyword tells you what you and your competitors share so that you’ll be able to see which you’re underperforming so that you know what to optimize. Whereas the missing and gap keyword views show what keywords you’re missing out on. And lastly, we have the unique keyword view showing what keywords you have that your competitors don’t.”

Supporting 100+ countries and 35 languages, RankingGap is designed to serve worldwide audiences. Whether or not if a user is running an English or Spanish website, RankingGap will be able to provide keyword insights that will help to double or even triple their website traffic.

To celebrate the milestone of releasing the tool to the public, RankingGap has launched a lifetime deal offered for a limited time only starting from July 28th. Visit the website to get more information on the lifetime deal.

About RankingGap

RankingGap is a keyword gap analysis and rank discovery tool. Compare your website with your top competitors and identify ranked keywords that are missing from your website. Learn from your competitors and fast-track your way to the top of SERP by optimizing for keywords that have proven to work for your competitors.

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