Rank Tracking Tool Is An Essential Asset To Big And Small Businesses

Rank tracking is important when it comes to SEO because it reflects the efficacy of our content optimisation and the effort we pour into improving our ranking. That’s why we need to use the right tool like BiQ to optimise the content and track our ranking.

Since rank tracking is essential to SEO, we often experiment with different ways and methods to see if it helps in improving our ranking. Running these experiments allows us to explore the reliability of different rank tracking tools and eventually, track ranking of our content on the search engine result page (SERP). Without rank tracking, we would be throwing darts in the dark, which is a very ineffective way to improve ranking, and sometimes it would backfire, too. Hence, we need to use the right rank tracking tool to serve the purpose of rank improvement.

Using the right rank tracking tool allows us to learn where we stand on the SERP without having to manually track ranking and targeted keywords every day. We can learn about the effectiveness of our previous optimisation through our rank on the search engine, and the insights and data shown will guide us in the right direction of our next strategy to raise our search visibility. For example, if there’s a drop in the ranking after editing the content of your article, then you would know the changes are not helping with your traffic and visibility. Hence, your content should be reverted. On the other hand, if rank improvement is observed afterward, it proved that the changes are yielding positive results and the content should be retained.

Well, using rank tracking tools isn’t exactly full of sunshine and joy, especially for first-timers. However, modern rank tracking tools have simplified operations, which should work fine even if you are new to the world of SEO. In most cases, simply provide the tool with your domain name (website), select/insert the keywords you would like to track, create the profile or project, and you would be good to go. Once the profile is created, give it a few days’ time and you will start to see the rank movement of your tracked keywords. Most of the modern rank tracking tools will also help you to visualize the data with graphs and charts - you can save your time by just observing the straightforward data to check the rank movement of your tracked keyword.

As you wander through your journey on SEO, you will come across many different tools used for rank tracking. It is important that you pick the right tool to optimize your rank improvement. Tool like BiQ’s Rank Tracking tool is trusted by many SEO agencies as it yields significant results through its features, including daily rank update, desktop and mobile tracking, reporting, and competitors analysis. BiQ also offers unique features such as module hopping that allows users to easily perform other related activities like keyword research and content optimisation easily in their rank tracking module for better UX.

If you are into SEO and want to know if your optimisation works, it is a must that you check website linking starting today. Choosing the right rank tracking tool like BiQ will be greatly beneficial in providing you with helpful ranking insights to maximise your SEO efforts in the long run.

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