Rank Hijack Soft: New Technique Bring Traffic From Other Site’s Authority With Zero Guess SEO And Ranking For Marketers

Given that Google's continued algorithm updates are making it not as easy to rank websites as it used to be. Still, SEO is not going to stop if marketers use “little known” trick known as “parasites” instead with the new product called Rank Hijack.

Rank Hijack is a groundbreaking Software as a service that finds Niche & Keyword based 'parasite' sites that can be used to rank quickly in Google, leveling the playing field for members. Parasite SEO Properties are websites that have great Authority in Google's algorithm that allow marketers to set up their web pages that can later be used to target a specialized niche or keyword. These authority sites can be used to get free targeted traffic from Google and to help increase the rank of marketers owner sites. To put it in simple, Rank Hijack is like an “SEO Crystal Ball” which finds and filters highly profitable ranking pages by criteria marketers define. Rank Hijack locates powerful "Parasite SEO" properties with great Authority in Google that can be leveraged to rank quickly for buyer keywords.

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Here’s why Rank Hijack software is so powerful:

• It collects existing keyword-based parasite pages that are ranked in Google so marketers know which appropriate keywords to target for.

• Rank Hijack removes keyword pages that aren’t valuable to chase for profitable keywords

• Removes keyword pages that don’t meet marketers’ minimum search volume and traffic criteria

• Build sites and pages around keywords which are proven to drive free traffic

• Presents results in a massive, fully searchable database that can be filtered on multiple criteria that suit users’ needs

• Unlimited resource of buyer keywords to quickly find what users need and when they need it

Rank Hijack soft discovers profit-ready keywords and then uses that knowledge to tap into the traffic source then redirecting the hyper targeted traffic to marketers’ web pages through two options. Firstly, finding ideas, if marketers are just looking for new ideas for niches to target then filtering Rank Hijack by high keyword count and low backlink count can uncover easy to target pages in niches or topics that are uncovering golden nuggets. Secondly, to target niche for a particular niche or topic users can filter by the "Topic" and "Sub-Topic" data columns, and pop a keyword into the field under the "Title" column header. This will filter the results down to all those that include the given keyword in the title of the page.

Rank Hijack is ideal for businesses who is a:

● Affiliate marketers
● Social media marketers
● CPA marketers
● eCommerce vendors
● MLM marketers
● Local businesses
● Product vendors
● Podcasters
● Authors
● And more!

In other words, any entrepreneurs who wants to get instant access to FAST buyer traffic without blowing their budget with risked paid traffic.

Rank Hijack is ideal for beginners yet sophisticated enough for the most discerning business owner. All the data marketer need to find web pages they can easily outrank in the SERPs is at their fingertips and the user interface is intuitive and easy to understand.

Moreover, Rank Hijack producer is also offering a bonus package to enhance the users’ experience with the software:

1. SEO Blueprint training manual and videos - Get the same ‘paint-by-numbers’ system they use to rank all of their sites. They will cover every aspect of dominating with SEO in these in-depth tutorials. Finally, you will have the blueprint you need to get server-melting free traffic.

2. Rank & Monetize - this training could be a complete product all on its own. They are going to uncover exactly how they rank pages and monetize them for fast profits.

For more specific information, reader may find it in Rank Hijack soft review and demo.

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