Rancho Santa Fe Home Theater Now Offering The Power of MOZAEX Controlled By Smart Phone

Rancho Santa Fe Home Theater has recently began offering MOZAEX technology, the powerful home entertainment system, now with new remoteless smart phone control.

Rancho Santa Fe Home Theatre are known for creating the very best home entertainment systems in San Diego and the surrounding areas, they are now one of the few contractors in the country who can install MOZAEX systems, an ultra-elite, immersive, whole-home entertainment system with integrated high-speed home networking. They have just taken the technology a step further, operating fully remoteless operation through a unique new smartphone app that allows people to manage devices and options in the palm of their hand.

The home entertainment system creates a private cloud, with instant access to every Blu-Ray and DVD homeowners own, as well as all the selections from online streaming subscriptions and catch up services all in a single, unified library.

They also offer whole home audio and video systems (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-OD7idQlNk) allowing films to be played in multiple rooms, so individuals can move freely while still enjoying their entertainment, which includes the latest 4K flatscreen TVs, high definition SONOS Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound speakers in every room of the home, and more. They even design seating, cameras and lighting to create ultimate immersion.

What’s more, the San Diego Home Theater Company can ensure that the entire system is remoteless, using a single smart phone app to manage all the devices and options at a single, portable touchpoint, further integrating the entertainment system into everyday life.

A spokesperson for Rancho Santa Fe Home Theater explained, “We are proud to be able to offer the most revolutionary entertainment systems in the world, and what’s more, we can now create the ultimate entertainment experience by ensuring all devices and options are managed from a single device, which users already carry in their pockets. The combination of these technologies makes for the ultimate in high-end home entertainment, and we look forward to transforming more homes with MOZAEX.”

About Rancho Santa Fe Home Theater: Rancho Santa Fe Home Theater offers the most elite home entertainment systems in the greater San Diego area. Their innovative one stop design center creates the very best state-of-the-art in home theaters, with cutting edge home automation, home network, TV mounting, security, intercom, and even home entertainment furniture. With whole home audio installation systems, individuals can create the ultimate music experience.

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