Rancho Bernardo Senior Caregiver Services Shares Tips to Help Seniors Deal with Chronic Pain

Senior Caregiver Agency Rancho Bernardo Participates in Pain Awareness Month by Providing Tips to Help Seniors Deal With Chronic Pain. Offers Free Online Needs Assessment to Help Families Understand Senior Care Options.

Firstat Nursing Services, a Rancho Bernardo Senior Caregiver Agency supports Pain Awareness Month, publishes “Helping Senior Citizens Deal with Chronic Pain.”

Linnea Goodrich, president of Firstat Nursing Services says, “It can be difficult for people to care for the senior citizens in their lives. With jobs, school and distance often separating them, finding good home care is an option that appeals to many. Here are 3 ways having a qualified caregiver gives senior citizens the ability to deal with pain on a more active level.”

Home Care Assists the Elderly in Getting Activity in a Safe Environment - Staying in the home is an important part of maintaining mental and emotional well-being, but being alone in a house can be challenging on several levels for the elderly.

Being active helps keep the joints and muscles fluid and moving, but pain makes it difficult to stay motivated, and many older individuals end up sitting or staying in bed all day to avoid it.

Unfortunately, sitting around all day only makes chronic pain worse, and also encourages a feeling of isolation and depression. A home health care provider can work with the elderly to find enjoyable ways to stay active while maintaining the physical and environmental safety of the senior.

Staying Up to Date on Pain Medications - The elderly person’s physician will likely prescribe medications for both the conditions causing the pain to the senior citizen, and also for the pain itself. Those medications need to be taken regularly, and additional issues can arise from missed doses. A caring home health specialist will make sure the senior is taking their prescribed medications on time and regularly.

Helping Senior Citizens Deal with Pain through Nutrition and Stress Management - It is hard for many older individuals to cook and clean for themselves, leading many to live off of fast food or junk foods that are easily accessible. Having a visiting homecare professional check in daily and make meals that are nutritious gives them the fuel they need for their bodies to deal with illness.

The health care provider can also be a sounding board for the senior, who just needs someone to talk to in order to reduce stress and depression that comes from dealing with chronic illness and pain. In addition, a home care aid will help the senior citizen get out and enjoy fresh air, give the elderly someone to share their experiences with, and allow them to relax.

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