Ramp It Up, LLC Offers a Free Consultation for Individuals with Mobility Challenges

Individuals struggling with these challenges find independence and accessbility with the help of wheelchair ramps and lifts, reports WheelchairRampWorld.com

Ramp It Up, LLC proudly announces it is now offering a free consultation for individuals with mobility challenges. Knowledgeable consultants work with consumers to find the best solution for their unique needs and circumstances. In addition, the company welcomes feedback on various products and services clients need to ensure they can satisfy clients in every respect. Individuals in need of portable ramps for sale, wheelchair lifts, and more find this company to be of great assistance.

"Certain individuals find they need temporary assistance in the form of modular ramps or portable versions. Others, however, benefit from the purchase of ramps and lifts that are permanently installed or threshold ramps which allow for easier movement through doorways. Ramp It Up offers a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of all, including those in manual or power wheelchairs," Roy Dickan, spokesperson for the company, states.

Ambulatory disabilities are those which interfere with a person's ability to walk or climb stairs, according to DisabilityStatistics.org. In 2012, 6.9 percent of the population reported an ambulatory disability, which is equal to 20,008,400 people. This figure includes those who aren't institutionalized, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, and education. In comparison, New York currently has 19,378,102 citizens, as reported by IPL.org. Due to this prevalence, one should never discount the importance of easy access to wheelchair ramps and lifts.

Many turn to portable wheelchair ramps as they offer the most versatility. One may choose from several sizes and designs and they tend to cost less than permanent ramps. In addition, Dickan points out, they may be used in a variety of locations and require little exertion on the part of the caregiver or attendant to set up and take down. Users find they can access more locations with the use of these devices.

Wheelchair lifts benefit those in need of a powered device to raise and lower a wheelchair when in use. The user needn't leave his or her wheelchair and this option provides accessibility to more locations for those with no use of their upper body or arms. Lifts typically require less space than ramps, another benefit in the home or in certain businesses.

"Take advantage of the free consultation today. Representatives work with each client to find the right solution for their needs. For some, a combination of devices works best, yet for others, the installation of a ramp or lift is all that is needed to regain their independence. Everyone should be able to move around as they desire and Ramp It Up, LLC functions to make this possible," Dickan declares.

About Ramp It Up, LLC:

Established in 2008, Ramp It Up, LLC strives to provide affordable solutions for those suffering from permanent or temporary mobility impairments. The company offers only those products of the highest quality from a variety of manufacturers. Consumers find the staff to be very helpful in determining which products are needed and the website makes placing an order an easy task.

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