Raj Prem's Music Photography Exhibits in Asia, Qatar See Increased Visibility

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Raj Prem has worked with Dominique Tarle, Pattie Boyd, Robert Freeman, Iain Macmillan, and many other eminently successful and talented photographers.

Legendary music photography exhibitionist, Raj Prem, the founder of Fine Art Photography has built a reputation for publicly announcing the finest photographs of most admired pop and rock-n-roll icons of the 60s and 70s. Inspired by his success and by the genuine interest by the broader public in his work, Prem has announced he has intended to move forward and launch an art gallery in Doha, Qatar, to unveil his exclusive exhibitions and rare artworks. As a former music journalist, Prem has made a career from his passion for rock and pop icons of the era. His latest pursuit intends to expand on his success while honoring the icons of music he is passionate about. Alongside his business partner Mark Ryder, Prem is currently finalizing financing for the project. This will enable the gallery to open some time in 2016. Fans of 1960s rock music will be excited to hear that the gallery will display captivating and rare photographs of The Beatles, curated into a fascinating show.

Raj Prem knows all about creating enthralling shows of photography for fans of the era. With an eye for evocative pieces and a talent for presenting his collections, Prem has staged more than 100 exhibitions over the course of his 24-year career. Forty of those exhibitions have been at the San Francisco Art Exchange where he has worked with the owners and directors Jim Hartley and Theron Kabrich. In collaboration with his company Raj Prem Fine Art Photography, these exhibitions have continually drawn fans from across the world for highly successful galleries. It was in 1997 when Prem first exhibited prints of the 1965 Rolling Stones US tour, launching the world’s first rock/pop music photography show and pioneering a whole new genre which combines art with memorabilia. The artwork that Prem finds and manages showcase the stars in a whole new light capturing emotions and private moments, shared or alone, behind-the-scenes. By presenting these moments, the galleries provide fans with something new - an insight into the emotions, personalities, and characters of their icons.

Many of the photos selected by Raj Prem have never been seen before by the public. Prem seeks them out from their original source - the photographers themselves. He has worked with Dominique Tarle, who captured The Rolling Stones recording Exile on Main Street in 1971; Pattie Boyd, George Harrison’s first wife; Robert Freeman, the artist most closely associated with The Beatles; Iain Macmillan who produced and signed high-quality prints of the Abbey Road session shoot; and many other eminently successful and talented photographers. It will come as no surprise, then, that his collection specializes in shots of British pop band The Beatles. Prem chooses to focus on the period between 1963 and 1972 when bands like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles were taking over the pop industry in a way that was unprecedented and transforming popular culture forever. The prints selected by Prem reflect this, and will help to preserve the era enduringly.

Raj Prem Fine Art Photographs of London have exhibited at Gallery One in Dubai, as well as at galleries in the US, Japan, Hong Kong and the Netherlands. ‘The Decca Years: The Rolling Stones 1962-1971’ appeared at Proud Galleries in London in 2010, featuring photographs of the band’s 1969 US tour, among other personal, intimate images. He has also curated and co-produced exhibitions at Atlas Gallery and Snap Gallery in London. Now, with the opening of the new gallery in Qatar, Prem will continue to unearth the most epochal photographs of the bands of the era, creating emotive displays that will reveal a whole different side to these icons - to the excitement of fans all over the world.

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