RaiseFluence Launched By Social Media Influencer AJ Cartas To Provide Specialized Influencer Marketing Services

RaiseFluence is a new platform connecting brands to influencers and micro-influencers who can introduce brands to their audiences, creating a less invasive ad.

AJ Cartas launched his latest venture to help brands leverage the power of social media influencers, who are individuals with a high number of followers. His company does this by helping influencers monetize their Instagram accounts with brands they want to work with. RaiseFluence is a new platform designed to connect both sides to mutual advantage and comes with a unique approach: targeted micro-Influencers, influencers who have less than 100,000 followers. By leveraging micro-influencers, this will make social media marketing more efficient than ever for brands.

Cartas has been a leading light in influencer marketing and has himself accumulated more than a total of 1.2 million followers using his best practice methodologies. With no college degree, Cartas has transformed himself into a successful social media entrepreneur. Knowing How Instagram Influencer AJ Cartas Used Social Media Into a Six-Figure Business is essential in understanding how RaiseFluence was founded.

RaiseFluence itself has been designed with four specific objectives in mind:

1) RaiseFluence helps brands connect with influencers. First and foremost, the company emphasizes the advantages of micro-influencers. By targeting those with a smaller but more pro-active following, and by connecting brands with influencers in specific niches, brands can expect a much higher engagement rate from their social media campaigns.

2) RaiseFluence help micro-influencers. The company is developing resources specifically for first-timers, guiding influencers by Cartas’s methods to developing an active following, connecting them with brands, and monetizing their Instagram.

3) RaiseFluence is a community. Cartas and his co-founder, Giovanni Flores, is actively building a community on a third-party app that will connect micro-influencers to help each other grow and highlight paid opportunities with brands.

4) RaiseFluence consults with companies. In addition to influencer marketing, RaiseFluence will offer consulting to brands themselves. Their aim is to help define an optimized social media strategy that uses the latest and best techniques and approaches with social media’s ever-changing trends.

A spokesperson for RaiseFluence explained, “We are thrilled to be launching this new venture under the leadership of AJ Cartas. AJ turning his social media platform into a six-figure business provided the perfect example to many people looking to do the same, and RaiseFluence is a new platform specifically designed to help people transition from popular Instagrammer to active influencer. We are creating a community that is helping one another achieve growth and monetization. What’s more, we are helping brands get on board with the future of marketing. This is an opportunity not to be missed.”

About RaiseFluence: RaiseFluence is a new platform connecting social media influencers with the brands that resonate with themselves. RaiseFluence is innovating the use of hyper-targeted micro-influencers to create direct outreach with the most specific demographics and niches. RaiseFluence enables influencers to monetize their Instagram while helping brands find the people who can amplify their product. RaiseFluence was co-founded by AJ Cartas and by fellow influencer, Giovanni Flores, who has amassed a total of over 6 million followers on social media.

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