RadarIQ makes Intelligent Radar Technology Accessible for Makers and Engineers

Live on Kickstarter, RadarIQ is an easy to use intelligent radar for makers and engineers.

RadarIQ, the revolutionary new intelligent radar sensor system making radar technology more accessible, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

For far too long, working with radar has been an inaccessible and expensive technology for everyday makers and engineers. Only highly specialized engineers have been able to tap into the power of radar. RadarIQ is on a mission to break down the barriers and get the powerful tech into the hands of all.

“As Engineers, we love working with new technology and are truly passionate about making it accessible to the maker community and to other engineers in order to really enhance their projects" says Dr Matthew van der Werff, co-founder of RadarIQ. “Our sensors are designed to be affordable, and very easy to use - allowing users to get started in under 15 minutes! Also, with no moving or fragile parts and its unique ability to see through walls, our Radar sensors can really compliment other sensor technology such as cameras.”

While Radar Technology has been around since before WWII, recent exciting advancements in radar technology has led to a new generation of "high frequency" radar - known as mmRadar. RadarIQ is a 60GHz radar packaged in a production-ready module, designed to be easily integrated and combined into a product. This ease of use and “plug-and-play” functionality allows for endless creative possibilities and use cases.

Customers have already had the opportunity to experience RadarIQ firsthand and initial reactions have been positive. “We found the RadarIQ sensor really easy to integrate into our ROS-based farm robot. It is simple to use and works very well. It is a great addition to our product and enables us to achieve a much higher degree of reliability.” said a RadarIQ client, Jeremy Rowe from C-Dax Ltd.

The RadarIQ Features:

• Detect and Track Multiple Objects Simultaneously
• 110 Degrees of Vision
• Sense in Difficult Environments (smoke and fog are invisible, bright light or darkness is no problem for the RadarIQ)
• Sub-mm Accuracy
• See Through Walls
• Speed Measurement

“Until now, working with Radar Technology has been difficult, and good quality modules hard to find,” adds co-founder Aaron Fulton. “The RadarIQ sensor is designed for plug-and-play success and comes with out-of-the-box support for Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, the Robot Operating System, and Arduino.  Radar has never been easier to get started with. Intuitive software and a range of sample applications means you'll be up and running in no time."

RadarIQ Sensor is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/radariq/radariq-sensor

About RadarIQ, Ltd.

RadarIQ Ltd, based in New Zealand, was founded in 2018 when the founders identified an opportunity to make radar sensing more accessible.  Traditionally, implementing new Radar sensing systems has been a highly complex affair and specialist (mathematical) know-how is often required to achieve a good sensing result. Ultimately, such complexity has been a barrier for many users wanting to adopt the technology. The founders were inspired to create a simple, easy-to-use radar product which abstracted away all the complexities and made mmRadar a breeze to use for general engineers and the maker community. The result of two years of R&D is the company's first product - RadarIQ module.

For more information on RadarIQ please visit radariq.io


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