Rachel Sorano Finally Finds A Healthy Lifestyle That Has Changed Her Life

Rachel Sorano reveals her story about how she went from being completely unhappy to living the life she has always wanted.

After being unhappy and struggling to cope for over 12 years, Rachel has finally changed her life for the better. As a teenager she has always suffered from obesity and as a result was often bullied at school. This in turn caused depression and below average grades at school. She has always dreamed about being fit and having a body she could be proud of. But whatever she tried, the results just were not there. Until she finally came across a healthy living combination that worked for her and her body. After months of journaling she is now eager to share her story with the public.

Battling with obesity is not an easy task. According to the national institute of diabetes and kidney diseases 68.8% of adults in the US are considered to be overweight or obese. That is more than two thirds of the entire society not living a healthy lifestyle. People often realise they have a weight problem but changing their eating habits and finding the time to exercise usually proves to be too much. People might then search for alternatives they have not previously considered which, more often than not, are not the right path to take because of simply not being proven to work. After plenty of attempts and trial and error, people might find themselves feeling helpless and thinking that nothing works for them anymore.

That’s why Rachel Sorano wants her story to be heard. She has already been through the hardship of finding a working way to become fit again. She has already made most of the mistakes people usually make when they want quick results, and she wants to share her point of view with the world.

On a phone interview with Rachel, she said: ‘My diet works by burning off excess fat from within the body, reduces appetite, prevents your body from storing extra fat, and increases your overall energy so you feel the need to exercise. It also has a positive effect on your mood by keeping your mind relaxed.’ Rachel also mentions she has been fine-tuning her diet for over a year now with astonishing results. She describes her journey on her website.

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