Rachel Bandara, Lifestyle Strategist, Hits Amazon Best Seller Lists with New Book 'The Seven Paths to Success'

Lifestyle Strategist Rachel Bandara is featured in the new book, “The Seven Paths to Success.” The book recently reached three Amazon Best Seller lists and is currently available in the Amazon Kindle bookstore.

“The Seven Paths to Success” was compiled from powerful and fascinating conversations with passionate, dedicated and driven individuals who have played such an influential role in the success of so many others. Bandara helps women turn unexpected, negative experiences, such as divorce or job loss, into life-empowering fresh starts that open up positive unforeseen opportunities.

Bandara, herself, went through such an experience and turned a negative into the best thing that happened to her. She now helps women deal with significant experiences and make the most of what it can be. One important part of going through a fresh start is the loss of identity that often happens as a result of the event.

Bandara shares, “If people have been doing the same job for a long time, or if they have been in a relationship for a long time, they blur with that and they start attaching their identity to that. I’m someone’s wife. Or I do this. Their whole identity starts getting built and getting strengthened on who they are.

When circumstances happen that force them out of where they are, then that’s a mighty uncomfortable situation and they no longer have the context to define themselves. And when they are left like that, they get what I call stripped down bare. You get stripped naked again to the absolute essential, quintessential you – who you are.”

She helps people not only rediscover themselves when they lose their identity, but they actually also recover their identity. It can be a very overwhelming situation where they don’t know what to do or where to go from where they are. This is where the fresh start comes in.

One of the first things Bandara helps her clients do is establish who they are – who their authentic self is. It is often the case that the job or the role they were playing was not a good fit for them. They start to realize that perhaps the situation they were in was a blessing in disguise.

According to Bandara, “Most of my clients would find it difficult to believe at the start, but when they work through it and when they start finding those hidden gems that they had inside, that they hadn’t paid attention to – they find there are other gifts inside of them that they can discover.

They could be a really gifted writer but they put that aside to become a housewife or maybe to become a business analyst or whatever role that they’ve chosen in life.

All of a sudden, they start to see possibilities. And that’s exciting.”

Bandara has found her own true calling to be helping others find the silver lining in what had appeared to be their life’s darkest clouds. Her contribution to this book is sure to enlighten many about their own need for a positive fresh start.

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“The Seven Paths to Success” is available in the Amazon Bookstore at http://www.amazon.com/SEVEN-PATHS-SUCCESS-Success-Everything-ebook/dp/B00Y3XVFC2/

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