Race To Moon: An Innovative and Gamified NFT Set To Bring Crypto Lovers To The Moon

With the love of crypto and NFTs, Race To Moon aims to bring the crypto community by building a space for rocket racing competition.

In the turbulent times of the Cryptocurrency going forward in sine waves, every crypto investor’s dream is to take the currency that is invested TO THE MOON. A newly launched NFT, Race To Moon aims to support the future and those with a tremendous futuristic sense.

Race To Moon, a gamified NFT project that supports educating the utilities and advantages of Cryptocurrencies in the ever-growing Digital revolution era, drop is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct 15th, exclusively on RacetoMoon.com.

“We are sure many like us out there believe in digital evolution by adopting Cryptocurrency. We wanted to combine the past, present and future. And with that, we are launching our NFT collection, which is called Race To Moon.” said the founder of Race To Moon.

The term “Mooning” or “to the moon” is often employed to describe a cryptocurrency rising off the charts and hitting its peak, referring to a strong belief among the communities that a certain CryptoCurrency is soon going to increase significantly in price.

Race to Moon Project has introduced a unique concept that hasn’t been tried in the NFT space till now, interestingly the project not only focuses on community building, but the concept itself revolves around a Racing game, A competitive race among the cryptocurrencies. The Crypto Community who reaches first to Moon (Once their allotted 1,000 Rockets are sold) is awarded a cash prize of $100,000.

With the spirit of crypto community in the race, the community are able to support its loved crypto coins. Every crypto coin has over 1000 unique crypto rockets; each rocket carries the pride of adopting the crypto community. As part of a Race to Moon Community, occasional special events with crypto prizes will be organised. This might showcase a coin outside of the crypto space, fan-favourite, or a nod to something happening in the industry. For more updates and information, check out the Discord or Twitter space.

The objective of Race To Moon is to bring together all those who believe in Cryptocurrency and educate those who are not aware of the power of Cryptocurrency. Art and Games have always been the tool not only to bring a community together but also serve a purpose to a large audience.

Besides that, every NFT sold will fuel up the vessel to move towards the Moon. Each vessel is not only unique but also represents a cryptocurrency. Hence if more vessels representing a particular crypto type are sold, the community supporting that crypto moves closer to the Moon, which is the winning line. With the drive and motivation to bring the crypto community together, “the more together we are, the more we will have a better future” says the group of founders. Being competitive will help the community to be more involved and innovative in the process to build a better crypto universe.
When a Community Lands on Moon, no matter at what position, it will get exclusive access to the Race To Moon Metaverse, where exciting rewards such as games, and Prizes awaits them.

Project head of RaceToMoon.com said, ”The Year 2021 has been a revolutionary year for NFT industry, and it has taken the world by storm, and a pleasant surprise, not only for the late recognition that it brought to artists but also it has helped the community with charities and other events”

Contact Info:
Name: Praveenkumar Halladamani
Email: Send Email
Organization: Race To Moon
Website: https://racetomoon.com/

Release ID: 89049025