Race Is On for The Most Spectacular "Indie" Movie

The CGI revolution has reached the 'Indies'.

When people think of Independent films, people do not usually think of large-scale CGI or space effects. But the director of a movie currently being shot on location in New Zealand wants to change all that.

A.K. Strom, director of the upcoming Sci-Fi thriller 'The Watchers,' says that with the latest advances in camera technology and digital effects, it is now possible for even 'indie' films to have spectacularly realistic CGI. And he believes it could revolutionize the industry.

Strom says that even with a budget of less than $10 million, his film can still afford to have the most astounding visual effects. The first teaser trailer for 'The Watchers', released this week, shows solar flares striking the earth and giant meteors raining down on the planet. "More and more there is a real revolution in the cost of digital graphics," he says.

The Watchers joins other recent films such as Chronicle (2012), Monsters (2010) and Iron Sky (2012) - all with relatively low budgets but also using CGI on a large scale. Without question Chronicle is the most successful of these - made for just $12 million, yet earning more than $126 million in worldwide box office receipts.

Strom says that perhaps it is going too far to call it a "Race for the most spectacular Indie movie." But certainly the digital revolution is having a big impact on the industry - especially at the lower end. As a first-time feature director, Strom says he has to be very mindful of keeping the "indie" flavour of his film intact. "My hope is to have the best of both worlds," he says. "Large-scale CGI, a strong storyline, an 'indie' sensibility, and shooting on location in New Zealand. Who could ask for more than that?"

The Watchers is an apocalyptic Sci-fi thriller scheduled for release in mid-2014.

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