R2 Recycling: Responsible Computer Recycling Done The Right Way

R2 Recycling: Responsible Computer Recycling Done The Right Way

Electronics recycler R2 Recycling has been receiving overwhelming demand for their specialized electronics dumpsters, which have been increasingly turned to as a method of handling residential electronic waste across the country with the help of their R2 certified partners.

The sturdy, durable storage containers offered by R2 Recycling come in a variety of sizes, can hold a capacity ranging from 4 to 11 tons, and are available in a few different options: the most popular one has been the closed-top dumpster (which opens on the side and allows for residents/personnel to walk in and drop off equipment themselves). Service is provided by a nationwide network of R2-certified partners in conjunction with R2 Recycling.

The R2 Recycling specialized containers are highly versatile due to their dense metallic exterior and ability to withstand all weather conditions. They have become a very popular option for municipalities all over by providing easy storage & a centralized location for all of the old TVs & computers that they collect from residents. Furthermore, not having to wrap or palletize the material once it’s stored in the dumpsters really helps to simplify the electronics recycling process for municipalities & counties all around the country.

Another reason for the containers’ popularity is the wide variety of material that can be stored inside of them. R2 Recycling accepts old model big screen TVs, computers, printers, and tabletop electronics to name just a few things. It’s a safe, simple, sensible solution for any business, municipality, county, or organization with a lot of obsolete technology that needs proper recycling & data destruction.

R2 Recycling, in concert with partners that follow the R2 standard, provides recycling service throughout the entire contiguous United States. They pride themselves on their punctuality & creating a bond of trust with their customers, providing consistent experiences throughout their entire operation. To find out more information about R2 Recycling’s container program (as well as their live loads & event services), they can be reached at (866) 509-7267 or on the web at https://www.r2-recycling.com.

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