R. Scott Lemriel Expands Publications about 'Recovering Deliberately Hidden Truth'

World-renowned researcher, author and international speaker announces new book, film and music projects

R. Scott Lemriel, known as the renowned direct experience-based hidden truth revealing researcher, author and international speaker, announced today he is expanding his portfolio of publications. His life’s work assisting fellow human beings to co-create awakening suppressed or dormant higher faculties expands as he reveals our true purpose for existing as human beings. Lemriel is adding two consciousness uplifting-transforming new books, consciousness exanding-transforming film projects and a consciousness uplifting-transforming new music CD at these support websites linked to the main websites at www.ParallelTime.com - You will find all projects free to review.

“The purpose of these new book publications, feature film projects, and uplifting new music is to assist fellow human beings to co-create recovering what they knew before they found themselves on planet Earth with little or no former memory intact,” explained Lemriel. “They stimulate the awakening of 'Serenity of Being' - knowing freedom from fear of the future.”

Lemriel’s books, feature film, and music projects include Parallel Time - The Short Movie, The Emerald Doorway - published book one of the written sequels to The Parallel Time Trilogy books & screenplays, the Who's Dreaming Me Anyway? screenplay and The Seres Agenda book. Stranger on a lost Island is published music album 1 of 9. These episodic journeys are entirely based on the author’s direct explorations of the past time track, journeys into parallel and higher dimensions, and contacts with very advanced but kind beings from beyond Earth. Life-changing aspects of most ancient Earth, our solar system, and galactic history are revealed. Adventuresome readers can begin to discover what was taken from them without their consent or awareness before they were born unaware on planet Earth.

About ParallelTime.com
Lemriel created the ParallelTime.com website to be an eye-opening inter-dimensional 'Doorway' through which deliberately hidden truth seekers could journey to experience direct answers to their inquiries about who they as beings (not bodies), and their hidden true destiny or purpose for existing. The vast extent of hidden truths revealed are entirely based on the author ongoing lifetime of direct experiences with kind non-terrestrial beings, their advanced technologies, Master teachers, and our true nature as co-creators with the 'Source' or 'Prime Creator' in the grand multi-dimensional universe.

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