Qvirus Platform Launched A Comprehensive Adenovirus Production Service to Satisfy Adenoviral Vector Cloning and Packaging Needs

Qvirus platform announced the release of its adenovirus production services in order to satisfy the needs of adenoviral vector cloning and packaging.

Qvirus platform, the division of Creative Biogene, focuses on providing reagents and services that help researchers explore questions about gene discovery and function. With years of experience and leadership position in the global market, Qvirus platform enables the development and GMP manufacture of viral vaccines, gene therapies and other virus-based technologies. Recently, Qvirus platform announced the release of its adenovirus production services in order to satisfy the needs of adenoviral vector cloning and packaging.

QVirus platform offers comprehensive adenovirus production services, including several different adenovirus expression systems for gene overexpression and shRNA-mediated gene downregulation, which may also allow researchers to produce their own adenoviruses on demand. QVirus platform enables the cloning of genes or shRNAs of interest into adenovirus genomes to produce primary, low-titer viral stocks. Meanwhile, adenovirus can also be amplified according to the customer's research needs, as well as adenovirus purification and titration (qPCR titration or PFU titration. In addition, technical support for adenovirus use is also available on this platform.

QVirus platform ensures flexibility in vector design with a rich combination of promoters and marker genes. This professional platform guarantees polyclonal systems: E1 and E3 deletion, E1 complete and E3 deletion, E1 deletion and E3 complete. With large packaging capacity, up to four genes in one vector, and producing high titers of adenovirus particles suitable for in vitro cell testing or in vivo animal experiments. Adenoviral packaging has shown nearly 100% gene delivery in most cell types in vitro and in vivo recombinant protein expression systems.

Qvirus platform offers a wide range of custom adenovirus cloning services at a reasonable cost and fast turnaround time. Experienced scientists are ready to tackle difficult cloning projects, including clones with high GC content or highly repetitive sequences.

Qvirus platform can produce customized adenovirus particles in a short period of time. Most inserts can be subcloned in one step in an easy-to-use shuttle plasmid. The provided shuttle plasmids contain powerful viral promoters for maximal gene expression, or if tissue-specific promoters are of interest, Qvirus offers promoterless shuttles for cloning into customer-selected promoters.

“QVirus platform, developed by Creative Biogene, addresses customers' adenovirus needs when combined with scientific developments and processing advances in the field of gene therapy.” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of Creative Biogene, she also claimed, “We can provide adenovirus purification services to obtain high titer, large quantities of purified virus. We can amplify any adenovirus serotype, including wild-type and recombinant adenovirus.”

About Qvirus Platform
Qvirus Platform, as a division of Creative Biogene, provides world-class packaging services for a variety of virus vector products. The expertise and years of experience have made Qvirus platform become a well-recognized industry leader in supporting the development of gene therapy and scientists worldwide.

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