Quyet Thang Explains The Working Process Of Designing A Package

Quyet Thang gives a detailed explanation on the working process of designing a package.

Quyet Thang is a Vietnamese packaging company that focuses on the design and manufacture of the carton, carton sheets, paper pallets, plastic bags, adhesive tapes, PE Films, and much more. A representative from the company talks about the working process of producing carton packaging. One of the first steps towards designing a carton package for the customer is the meeting between Quyet Thang’s business department with the customers. In this meeting, experienced professionals from Quyet Thang will advise the customer and will answer all the questions. Only after all the doubts of customers are cleared, the meeting will be adjourned. After that, the sales department carries the wishes of the customers to the design department. Based on the customer’s desire and wish, a printed form is made. This printed form is sent to the customer. This is where customer talks about the type of design they want for their packaging like 3-5-7 layers or offset box, etc. There is also a discussion about the quality of cardboard customers want. Once the price of products is fixed, a contract is signed. After this, Quyet Thang’s design department starts working on the packaging. They will print a few samples that will be sent to the customers. After the customer shows green light to the sample, Quyet Thang starts mass-producing. The product will be delivered to the customer on the committed time. To attract customers, Quyet Thang offers a warranty on the product.
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About the Company:
Quyet Thang is one of the most popular Vietnamese company that is sitting on the top of the table when it comes to packaging. With the experience of more than 10 years in the Vietnamese packaging market, Quyet Thang has made a name for themselves. This company focusses on creating innovative designed, high printing quality packaging that comes at an affordable price. They have tied-up with thousands of businesses over the last 10 years in Ho Chi Minh City. They manufacture and print carton boxes for both large and small enterprises. They have a team of creative and experienced professionals; whose main aim is to provide the best quality and affordable packaging that can satisfy customer’s needs. Their team consist of experienced professionals and engineers that are highly enthusiastic to provide the best product. They are equipped with modern technology, which is regularly upgraded. This upgradation ensures that all the machines operate smoothly without any hindrance. There are several reasons for their popularity but one of the most famous is their commitment to the work. If Quyet Thang commits that work will be delivered in 2 days, then work will deliver in 2 days. This commitment has taken Quyet Thang to the new heights in the Vietnamese packaging market.

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