Quinta dos Vales encourages Wine-Lovers to become Wine-Makers each with their own vineyard plot

The project is intended as a luxury pastime, ideal for any wine-lover who has ever considered starting their own production.

This Algarve-based winery has created The Winemaker Experience, a unique project that sees enophiles become wine-makers, even with the option of a decent return.

The project needed to fulfill three criteria, it needed to be 100% authentic, care-free and affordable. Simple criteria but difficult to achieve as they contradict one another. In order not to be a marketing gig, but fully authentic, each participant had to have as much decision-making power as a winery owner would have, but without the need to invest years of work and millions into the project.

Volume was another crucial point of the project, as participants should not need to worry about having to sell their wine, just producing enough for self-consumption and the always-needed birthday and Christmas presents for friends. The final criteria set by the makers of this project was affordability, as it is now possible to produce a wine with an upfront cost of only 30.000€ to 60.000€ for a vineyard parcel and running costs ranging from 8€ to 11€ per bottle.

Whilst the ultimate goal is to make the project affordable, the winery offers an option to even make it profitable. Most people have heard the saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”, but in this case, the winery created an opportunity where exactly this is possible. On-site there is a small resort of holiday-homes, available for purchase, named The Vines, which includes a turnkey buy-to-let solution.

By purchasing both a vineyard as well as a holiday-home, wine-lovers can get the best of both worlds as a luxury lifestyle investment is suddenly converted into a sensible return-generating asset-based investment, without fear of inflation and more profitable and more fun than any bank investment available these days.

Each year the grapes grown in these vineyard parcels are transformed into a bespoke production of 225 litres by the respective participant. Not only is each production separate and unique, what sets this project apart is that the participant is encouraged to take each and every relevant production-related decision.

The Quinta dos Vales winemaking team educates and guides participants through the production process, providing use of the micro-vinification equipment and specialised personnel, but each participant is encouraged to take the important decisions themselves. The consultants just advise based on the preferences of the clients, whereas the private wine-makers decide which variety to choose, when to harvest, whether to age the wine in oak, which type of barrel to choose, the type of bottle, the design, even the name of the brand and so forth.

The project is intended as a luxury pastime, ideal for any wine-lover who has ever considered starting their own production. The project was launched in 2017, but its marketing only started in late 2020. Because as Karl Stock, founder and owner of the wine estate, explains: “We were adamant that before going live with the promotion of The Winemaker Experience it had to be perfectly fine-tuned.”.

As soon as the marketing activities started the client-reaction was immediate, the number of private wine-makers has already almost doubled, in time to inaugurate the new Private Winemaker Room for The Winemaker Experience. This addition was just the next step of the full-service package offered by Quinta dos Vales. Several of the participants of The Winemaker Experience also own holiday-homes in The Vines, so that when they are on-site and making their wine they stay in their very own homes. Investing in both, clients have the opportunity to sit on their own terrace overlooking their privately owned vineyard, drink their own wine which is more than paid for from their rental returns.
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