Quincy Smile Center is a Volunteer Office for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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Quincy dentist Dr. Stephen Matarazzo, has a personal reason for establishing his practice as a Volunteer Office for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Quincy dentist Dr. Stephen Matarazzo, has a personal reason for establishing his practice as a Volunteer Office for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. “My son was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 19,” Dr. Matarazzo said. “We know how complicated and difficult it is to enter into cancer treatment, and we've experienced firsthand the complications and cost of this type of undertaking.” That's why Dr. Matarazzo performs a series of pro bono procedures for patients who are getting prepared to enter into extensive cancer treatment.

“When you begin preparing for bone marrow or stem cell transplant procedures, patients are required to have a wide variety of dental procedures accomplished to reduce the chance of infection and other complications,” he said. Over 80% of bodily infections that occur following these treatments originate with dental infections that go untreated prior to operation. Dr Matarazzo explained that doctors require root canals, cavities and extractions be completed prior to these extensive transplant operations.

This type of dental work is often exhaustive and expensive. In addition to the high cost of cancer treatment and transplant procedures, many patients and their families will end up with astronomical costs. Dr. Matarazzo and his staff aim to defray the cost and ease the preparation for new cancer patients by providing these services pro bono via the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Statistics indicate that as recently as 2008,childhood cancer affected 353,000 youths 19 years of age and younger in the US alone. Invasive cancer occurrences totaled almost 12 million. Many of these patients are unable to compensate for the extreme expenses of cancer treatment and recovery, which is where the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute comes in.

The institute was founded by Sidney Farber in 1947 originally to serve children suffering from cancer with the finest, most advanced treatments available while simultaneously developing the treatments and cures of the future via cutting-edge research. The foundation was expanded for patients of all ages in 1969. In 1974 it was rechristened the Sidney Farber Cancer Center in honor of Dr. Farber, and later renamed to recognize a legacy of support from the Charles A. Dana Foundation.

Numerous professionals and members of the community contribute to the ongoing work of the Dana-Farber Institute, and Dr. Matarazzo is proud to be among them.

“Many of these folks have already endured excruciating amounts of pain through chemotherapy and radiation treatments before they find out they'll need to suffer through possibly complex, invasive dental work. Many have been out of work and are fatigued by the financial, physical and emotional cost of living with cancer. My contribution is small one but I see it as crucial. When I witness the generosity and caring shown by the staff of incredible doctors and nurses who work tirelessly at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, I feel that it's an honor and a privilege to play any role I can in assisting with their work.”

To learn more about the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the wide variety of dental services provided by Dr. Matarazzo, visit him online at http://www.quincysmilecenter.com/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QjEndThDgE&list=UUekzzFI5sS69ODpZe8-lD-w.

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